Get Vess - Tranquility quest guide: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Vess is one of the rare blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can find her at the Torigoth market in Gormott. In order to get Vess, you have to complete her side quest Tranquility. You can start the quest from chapter 3, but it is recommended to start it from chapter 4, because then you can finish it without waiting.

First, Vess will ask you to get her rare ingredients for a dish that she wants to prepare. To get to the three ingredients, you have to go to Uraya and visit different places.

- 8x Gromrice: You can find them near the Garfont village main entrance.

- 5x Ruby Mangosteen: You’ll get this fruit in Greatmaw Rapids.

- 5x Salty Soil: You can find them in Olethro Playhouse.

If you don’t have enough ingredients, then don’t worry! Just revisit the above areas. Once you have collected them all, you can meet Vess at the Torigoth market during the day and hand over the desired items to her. Visit her at home and help her prepare by bringing firewood. Your quest marker will help you to find it.

Unlock Vess, Tranquility Quest Guide, Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Get Rare / Legendary Blades Guide: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Bitter Choclit and Fruity Rice Ball

In the second part, Vess asks for some change on her diet and wishes you some bitter choclit and fruity rice ball.

- 3x Bitter Choclit: In order to get bitter choclit you have to go to Mymoma Playhouse in Fonsa Myma and buy three plates at the local candy store.

- 1x Fruity Rice Ball: For this you have to complete the mercenary mission "Long-Awaited Work", then you can buy fruity rice ball from Bonbon’s Honeycomb Sweets in the Argentum Trade Guild in Goldmouth.

As it turns out, the rice ball is not for Mabon, but for Vess. The old man is happy about the Choclit from Uraya and you are one step closer. But Mabon is not finished with you yet.

Find The Gold Bracers For Mabon

Mabon likes to reminisce and so he asks you to find a pair of old bracers, which are distributed individually.

- Right Golden Bracer: To get this you have to go to Mor Ardain and on to Kedeigh's Gate in Alba Cavanich. At the spawning point, you have to turn around and go down the stairs until you are in the middle of the bridge. On the right you can see a rally point on a platform that you have to go to. Now jump far to the right and find a tunnel. This leads to the place fief of forgetfulness on which in turn is a chest in which you will find the first golden bracer.

- Left Golden Bracer: In Uraya, right at the holy gate in front of Fontana in Fonsa Myma, you also have to turn around after the spawn and go down the stairs to the north. It leads you to Ruins of Fountain Park. Jump over the gorge to the lower level. On a rock face, you can now dig up the next box in which you can find the second bracer.

Again, Mabon did not want the bracers for himself, but for his two children, whom you now have to bring:

- Antis: Mabon's son can be found in Alba Cavanich.
- Noelle: Mabon's daughter lives in Fonsa Myma.

The children each have a gift that you should give Vess and Mabon. So return to Torigoth. Now only Mabon is left between you and Vess. But the problem is resolved quickly.

Unlock Vess - The Last Step

After the cut scene head to the kitchen area and get the core crystal. Vess can be quite helpful as an electric and healer blade.