Getting Started in Sea of Thieves SoT, Tips for Beginners

The video game developer Rare is set to release its first MMO and takes you in Sea of Thieves in the role of a privateer, who together with other pirate crews can form and conquer the seven seas. Alternatively, you can also play alone. However, if you want to set sail with a pirate ship, cooperation is required.

Get started in SoT is a bit confused for many players. From other games you know it, to start directly with a tutorial quest, which then leads you first through the beginning area. On the other hand, in SoT you literally take the wheel into your own hands.

To start the SoT, you need to look for the Gold Hoarder’s tent. This depends on the starting island at different locations, but is easy to distinguish as a tent from the wooden huts.

From him you can get the treasure map The Stash of Captain Bones for free. Once you have it you can leave the dealer's tent and go to your ship, which is on the dock. Go below deck, to the captain's table.

Select Propose Voyage to choose the acquired treasure map and show it to your crew. Then you voted there at the table for the map that is to form the basis for your first adventure. Incidentally, you also have to submit the vote if you're on the road on your own. Only then the Quest starts.

Sea of Thieves, SoT, Guide, Tips
Now you open the "Stash of Captain Bones" map by holding "RB" on the Xbox controller and selecting the map, or holding the E key on the PC and selecting the map. With RT or right click you hold the treasure map in front of your nose, so that you can recognize something on it.

Memorize the Treasure Island map. Pay attention to the finer points of the island, lakes, hills, stones. Now you go to the other table of the captain's cabin. There is a big sailor map. Look for the island on your treasure map. But look very carefully - many islands look very similar.

Once you have found the map, mark it with the A button on the controller (presumably left click on the mouse) to set a target marker. That's the goal, there lies the treasure buried!

Now you memorize the approximate way to the island. On the big map you can see where your ship is currently located. The directions help you immensely, because you have a compass to help you. If you notice routes like "north-east, the third island on starboard side is the destination", you will easily find your way.

Set the sail, catch up with the anchor and align the sail with the wind stream. The wind stream is represented in the game by white, sweeping animations. Now take the wheel and drive in the direction of Treasure Island.

Once you arrive at Treasure Island, you check your treasure map again. Find out where the X marker is and look for space on the island. Look again best on the big map on the ship. There you will see your position and that of the treasure.

Getting Started, Sea of Thieves, SoT, Tips for Beginners

On the way to the marker you will meet some skeleton enemies.

Arriving at the X you unpack your spade (you can find it in the inventory) and start to dig. If you hear a dull "Plong" while digging, you are in the right place. Dig on there.

If you have the loot, then a text will appear saying that the quest is complete. But at the very end we are not yet.

Take the chest and bring it to your ship. Now you're going back to the launch pad. But make sure that the other players don’t attack you on the way and steal your treasure!

Arriving on the launch pad, the Gold Hoarder gives you gold pieces when you bring him the chest. You collect them, buy weapons or outfits or other treasure maps. Then you go on treasure hunt. Either on opposing boats or with a new treasure map.