Hacker's Memory Farm EXP USB and Level Up Fast Guide

In order to increase the number of experience points in Digimon Story - Hacker's Memory, you need the item Tactician USB. In this guide, we'll show you how to get them easily.

You can resolve this simply with digifarm. If you use them correctly or trick the system, you can easily get the best items of the game. Of course, these include tactician USBs.

Follow These Steps:

- Manage your DigiFarm and make sure all 10 Digimon have the builder property.

- If you don't have 10 Digimon with the property, no problem. Teleport to "EDEN: Entrance" and visit the store. Here you can buy developer patches . This allows you to change the property of a digimon to "builder"

- When that's done, go to the DigiFarm - command menu and invest 1,000 yen. Your Digimon begin to create items for you.

- The process takes 20 minutes. Wait 19 minutes and save the game. Then check which item you got. If it is not a Tactician USB, then load the game and repeat it until you get the item you want.

 Hacker's Memory, Farm EXP, USB, Level Up Fast, Guide

Develop as many Tactician USBs as you want. At best, you have three strong Digimon that can carry three USBs. For maximum EXP yield you need 9 pieces.

Then you can start leveling. The Digimon with the EXP USBs must fight actively. Your Digimon, which you have in reserve, but also get all experience points and level with. With this method you will bring your Digimon to the MAX level in no time.

Even more EXP you can get with Platsukamon

There are some Digimon that have the support ability to increase the EXP yield. This includes Platsukamon. You can make the method with the Tactician USBs even more effective by adding at least one Platsukamon to the active Digimon group (must be in the fight).

You will receive the Digimon through the following Digivolution: Kuramon – Tsumemon - Keramon - Platsukamon.