Increase Affinity tips and guide: Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, the affinity means nothing more than jut a chance to get critical hits. It has increased damage scores and makes the monsters look tiny so you can kill or catch them faster. In the game, a critical hit always means 125% of the basic damage.

For Example: if a weapon has an affinity of 20% that means that it will critically hit every 5th beat. But there are also negative affinities. Again, that does not mean that you will not get any critical hits. Instead, the chance is increased negative hits, so damage with only 75% of the effect to land. In the end, you have to decide whether affinity or total damage has more influence and select your weapon according to these criteria. Not always wins the weapon with the highest damage value.

How to Increase Your Affinity Value?

There is a very limited possibility here, as long as you are still at the beginning of the game and a more sophisticated way, but this is only available in the endgame:

- Initially, you can only increase the affinity value by re-calibrating or upgrading your weapon. Before you apply the upgrade, you always see how the values change. Beware, with some weapons, the affinity never changes, no matter how many resources you invest.

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- Later in the game, when you arrive at the high level activities, you still have the opportunity to use abilities that affect weapons and armor.

Overall, there are six skills that positively enhance affinity and they also boost other values from your hunter:

- Affinity Sliding: After skating (for example, down a slope), your affinity value is temporarily increased.

- Agitator: When big monsters get angry, your damage and affinity are increased.

- Attack Boost: Damage and Affinity are permanently increased.

- Critical Eye: Increases the affinity.

- Critical Draw: Dragging increases affinity.

- Maximum Strength: The affinity is increased when you have maximum stamina.

Attack Boost and Critical Eye are the only abilities that have a lasting effect on your affinity. Keep this in mind as you upgrade and adjust your equipment.