MH World: Benefits of Palico and his Gadget Locations

Why a Palico is so important in Monster Hunter World? The useful cat can help you with the battles and also seeks additional support form small monsters and collects resources for you. He can also equip with various gadgets, with which he assists you.

For example, at the beginning of MHW, your little cat has a Vitality Wasp bomb. He exposes this neon green wasp to the air, with which he heals you. This gadget has helped you in very delicate situations, when your potions were all gone and you almost died just before the victory.

If you equip your cat with a gadget, then he will use it and thereby increase the familiarity with this tool. This means that it also improves the application of this gadget.

From a certain level of familiarity, you can then command your cat to use a gadget. For example, if you need healing then your cat can heal you on command. The gadgets can be used as often as you like. However, they have a cooldown, so be sparing with it.

To give your animal companion the starting signal for a gadget, you have to select the corresponding icon from the quick access bar at the bottom right of the screen. Familiarize yourself with the menu, because there you will also find the icon for the gadgets.

By the way, if you want to equip a gadget, you have to talk to your Palico. You either do this in your room in Astera or in a tent in one of the camps. The following table gives you the locations of the Palico gadgets.

Monster Hunter World, Benefits of Palico, Gadget Locations

Vigorwasp Spray

(Automatically available from the beginning).

This will bring healing. From level 5 you can give the signal for your Palico to heal you.

Flashfly Cage

(Ancient Forest: Unlock all camps in this area and help the Palico Tribe here. Follow her tracks to the big tree. In area 17 you will see a little creature fleeing from you. Follow him to his hideout and you will unlock the Flashfly Cage).

Release a Flashfly near the monsters . From level 5 you can order your Palico to lay a shock trap. This is weak, but from level 10 you can build your own shock trap with this gadget without having to craft one.


(Wildspire Waste: Speak to the tribe here and help the leader / protector. You must catch his friends with a net to unlock this gadget).

With Shieldspire, you can ask your Palico to summon a shield that will attract the monsters' aggression. It also protects you from the attacks of your opponents.

Coral Orchestra

(Coral Highland: Find the tribe here and help him hunt down two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus).

With this gadget, your Palico will improve your attack, defense and status resistance.

Befriend With Small Monsters / Grimalkynes of Tribes

There are small creatures you can meet in the wilderness when you are alone with your Palico . Your pet will then speak to little monsters or Grimalkynes of tribes and make friends with them. These then accompany you and help you in your battles. If you want to find them and recruit as Tailraiders then pay attention to small green dots on the map . They mark their locations.

On the way you will find Grimalkynes of tribes. They look quite similar to the Felyne, occupying a place for their tribe in each area. Each of these tribes gives your Palico the opportunity to talk to another monster. This means that you can approach the corresponding monsters and ally with him for support in the next battle.