MH: World Tactics and Strategies to Defeat Bosses

Capcom continues its successful Monster Hunter game series and launched Monster Hunter World (MH: World). The game features exciting co-op battles with massive monsters. MHW is primarily about the hunting of monsters. That sounds simple, but it can hardly be more demanding in practice. That is why we have put together some useful tips that we hope you will find useful when fighting against most dangerous monsters or bosses effectively.

If you have had enough food before starting a fight, you can choose from different buffs and thus you can move into the monster forest with a higher attack power, element resistance or defense.

It does not matter if your health indicator goes down to 0. It will be bad if it happens 3 times! Because then the quest stops and fails. In the end you will get less rewards for the missions per death.

You are looking for the best weapon for the beginning? Try sword and shield. You are agile and can still deal plenty of damage. In the end, the hammer is the better alternative, because it is deadlier.

This is how the fight works: There is no health alert on the monsters. That's not too bad. You just have to pay attention to certain indicators. Look for the weak spot of the monsters. With the first dinosaurs and dragons you meet, the simple tactic is enough: hit it! Have you done enough damage then you see blood and wounds on the body of the monster.

MH: World Tactics, Strategies, Defeat Bosses

It will limp and move weird. It even snorts when it has no stamina - then you should attack immediately! On the contrary, there are also monsters that turn up in the last phase once again and properly take damage!

The last phase of the fight is announced by the monster's withdrawal. It flees to its nest to regenerate.

- After a monster has run over you and your character is lying on the ground, you should not get up yet, but take a short breath and plan the next steps. On the ground, the fantasy dinosaurs cannot attack you and you are invulnerable for a short time. After a short while, your character will stand up again by itself.

- Collect all kinds of items in the world. You use them later as ammunition. For example, you fill your dwarf with thunder bugs and then use electrical charge against monsters.

- If you push the right stick in, you will see a big crosshair. Use this to track very fast monsters and, above all, to avoid wasting ammo.

- If you want to defeat a monster from its back? No problem! Look for plants to climb and use them. Jump backwards when the monster is with you. Through certain combos and protrusions you also land on your back. Get ready for a mini-game where you have to press many different buttons. If you manage that, you can hit the opponent with blows.