Monster Hunter World Beginner’s Guide - Adopt A Hunter

If you are new to the Monster Hunter World (MHW / MH World) and having problems to progress in the game, then the Adopt a Hunter program could help you. The program will pair experienced players and beginners before the launch of the game and, through the use of the voice chat, you can discuss the details, in case you don’t get along with the partner, you can ask for a change to the moderators.

As Polygon points out, Adopt a Hunter is a service created by experienced players with the aim of giving individual players personalized help during the MH World adventure, a help that will also cover the various weapons and crafting elements.

The MH World is challenging and complex and there’s a lot more to learn for beginners. Especially, the battles against monsters become very tactical during the game. The animals in MH World are designed like MMORPG bosses and offer a wide range of attacks, movements and escape behavior. There are also elementary advantages and disadvantages associated with monsters. Some animals are prone to ice or electricity.

- In MHW, the hunters have no special skills available. Everyone gets stronger through his weapons, equipment and items. The equipment is made in a blacksmith shop and requires the collection of loot. These include body parts of monsters, such as bones or teeth. The equipment can then be further specialized and receive upgrades. Weapons are divided into classes in MHW, with different strengths.

Monster Hunter World, Beginner’s Guide, Adopt A Hunter

- The combat system and the movements of the hunters are difficult to grasp, especially for beginners. The huge weapons are slowly closing and the characters are clumsy. Especially, the control is for the first moment for many a deterrent and must be learned.

- The environment has an influence on the hunt. This will be even stronger in MHW than in its predecessors. Hunters need to know the weather and the landscape to be successful.

How the Adopt A Hunter works?

- Veterans and beginners can enroll on the website. The veterans register to help, and the beginners to get help.

- Adopt-A-Hunter helpers bring individual players together to work in pairs. The veteran and the beginners can then contact each other.