Monster Hunter World: New Update Comes on Release Day

Capcom continues its successful Monster Hunter game franchise and launches Monster Hunter World (MHW) with the official release date set for January 26, 2018, and the first update 1.01 / the Day One Patch of MHW will also release on the same day.

The Day One Patch of Monster Hunter World will feature the following:

- You’ll be able to watch online gameplay and old video sequences again. They will drive the story of MH World.

- The house-pig poogie is coming back! Poogie is an absolute fan-favorite and the loyal house-pig of every hunter. You can carry the pig around and cuddle it. If you like, it gives you tips on where to find specific items. According to a legend Poogie even brings luck…

In the live stream, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto showed more gameplay from MH World. The scenes shown mainly take place in Astera and in the ancient forest.

In Astera, the focal point is Monster Hunter World. Here you can get quests or make weapons in the smithy. The Ancient Forest is the first map you can enter.

Monster Hunter World, MHW, New Update, Release Date

After the developers had revealed the first information on the first update 1.01, they still showed image material from the third PS4 beta. This time you will be offered a fourth quest where you can hunt down the evil Nergigante.
The video below starts at the point where the hunter is in Astera: Poogie can be seen. The fight with the Nergigante starts at 1:25.