Monster Hunter World PS Control, Getting Started Guide

If you are new to the Monster Hunter: World and struggling to get started then we have a handy beginner's guide and tips to help you out.

Let’s begin with the control of Monster Hunter: World. It is catchy and easy to learn. However, there are differences in the different weapons and the possible shortcuts and commands are always displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

The following commands represent the basic control of Monster Hunter: World in PlayStation layout.

Monster Hunter World, MHW, PS Console Control, Combinations Guide

Left Stick - Move character

Left Stick + R1 - Dash (when the weapon is put away) - You can also dash / sprint if you press the left stick

Right Stick - Move camera

Select menu item

 Select object / item for use

Square - Use object / item (when weapon is put away)

Circle - Execute Action / Collect / Disassemble (when weapon is put away)

X Button - Squat (when the weapon is put away)

Left Stick + X Button - Dodge / Jump (from protrusions)

L1 - Reset the camera

Hold L1 
- Show health / stamina
- Enlarge minimap
- Show radial menu
- Use abbreviations with the right stick when the radial menu is displayed

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L1 + Circle / Square - select object / item

Options Button - Open start menu

Touchpad - open area map

Hold Touchpad - Show chat window

L2 - Show Slingshot Crosshair (if the weapon is put away), use the right stick to aim

Hold R2 and Hit L2 - Use Slingshot (if weapon is put away) 

Note: The slingshot can be used with the weapon drawn when using your sword and shield!

Triangle or R2 
- Pull weapon (if your weapon is put away)
- You can attack with the weapon when it is drawn.
- If you draw the weapon with R2, a special action or a special attack will be executed depending on the weapon. 

Square or R1: Sheathe your weapon (when your weapon is drawn)

- You can collect materials or take out monsters when your weapon is put away.

- Due to certain actions or if you do nothing for a long time, your weapon will automatically be put away.

How to Mount / Climb a Monster:

- You must be higher than the monster to get on his back
- The easiest way to do that is to stand on a higher point and jump on the monster
- Jumping is an attack and you have the chance to hold onto the monster
- During the game, you can unlock a Master Mounter skill 

Hint: With the weapon Insect Lure it is especially easy to mount a monster. You can use this weapon to make jump attacks.

How To Catch Pets in MHW - PS Controller Combinations

If you want to catch an animal as a pet, go into the wilderness and then do as follows:

- Hold down L1 and navigate with square and circle through the items in your item list.
- The net is here by default under the items and you can equip it with quad.
- The equipped net now takes the place of your slingshot and you can aim with the button L2 and shoot the net with R2.
- The net does not have as much reach as the slingshot but includes a larger area. The game also shows you whether an animal is within range for an orange discoloration of the capture area.
- Approach the animal that you want to catch carefully, as they are very scary and could run away. By pressing X you can switch to slow mode.

If you successfully capture a pet this way, return to Astera. Talk to the caretaker (a Palico) in your personal quarters. The Palico already knows about your catch and allows you to place pets in your quarters.

You can interact with pets, and your hunter will feed them as you rest in your home.