PUBG: Good Ways to Get BP Battle Points Quickly

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), you need Battle Points or the BP to buy valuables such as crates or skins for your protagonist character. There are not many ways to farm Battle Points but in this guide we want to show you the most effective ways to farm more BP.

To get more Battle Points, you must first understand how the currency system works in PUBG. The following things are important to earn more BP:

- Rank: If you survive long, you’ll get more BP.

- Hits: Hit your opponents with headshots to get more BP.

- Kills: This category counts the most on your BP account. The more kills, the more points - easy, right?

If you take notice of the above listed things, then our method is easy to understand: Jump off in the largest cities on the various maps, quickly pick up a weapon and do many hits (and kills as possible). If you die, that does not matter. After all, you can start a new game.

If you get the Chicken Dinner, then there are the following BP for you:

Solo: 800 BP
Duo: 400 BP
Squad: 200 BP

Farm More Battle Points with the AFK Method

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Do the following to get more BP:

- Start a game and stay in the plane until the end.

- In the end you will be dropped automatically.

- In addition to you, there are at least 10 other players who will automatically get out of the plane.

- Kill them and enjoy the BP.

The other players are either absent or have left the lobby shortly before the start of the round. With the latter possibility, there seems to be an error in PUBG. If you leave the game in the lobby for a short time, your characters will still be put on the plane. At the end you end up at the last point and then just stand there motionless.