UFC 3 Standard vs Champion Edition, Pre Order Bonuses Guide

If you’re planning to buy this game in advanced, then you’re probably wondering about which UFC 3 edition I should buy, and what preorder bonuses are available?

So far only there are only two versions of UFC 3 have been announced - the Standard Edition and the Champion Edition. The exact differences are shown below. A key decision you need to make in advance is which champion you want for your Ultimate Team.

The following list shows you all available champion fighters.

- Georges St-Pierre (GSP)
- Joanna Jedrzejczyk
- Anderson Silva
- Demetrious Johnson
- Conor McGregor

Standard vs Champion Edition: differences

You're probably wondering what exactly is meant by the fact that in the Champion Edition you have to decide which champion to choose. We believe that you can only draw Champions from a Premium Pack for the Ultimate Team. However, if you choose the Champion Edition in advanced, you will receive one of them including his technique permanently. Below you’ll find the contents of each edition.

UFC 3, Georges St-Pierre, GSP, Champion
Standard Edition

- UFC 3 Full Game
- 5 Instant Premium Packs
- 500 UFC Points
- 1 Loaner Champion Fighter and Move (5 fights)

Champion Edition

- UFC 3 Full Game
- 3 Days Early Access
- 1 Permanent Champion Fighter and Move
- 20 Additional Premium Packs over 10 weeks
- 5 Instant Premium Packs
- 500 UFC Points

As you can see, the Standard Edition also offers some advantages. It costs you as a pre-order about 60 dollars including EA Access, while for the Champion Edition you have to pay around 80 dollars including EA Access if you want to enjoy the benefits for the Ultimate Team.

We can not say yet, how expensive these packs will be and also, we don’t know if you could possibly unlock the Champions in a different way. These questions we answer as soon as UFC 3 is released.