All Ends Dance With the Devil, Bad Trip: KC Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD), you’ll come across an herbalist in the woods, west of Uzhitz. You can use her alchemy table to craft potions such as Savior Schnapps - if you talk to this herbalist, she'll ask you to track down the three women in the village who sold her magic ointment.

The alchemist worries about what the women are doing with the hallucinogenic effect and so you have the quest to follow them into the wood at night and see what's going on there. And depending on what you do, the quest ‘Playing With the Devil’ has different endings.

First, you have to stay in Uzhitz until dusk. After sunrise, the three women then break into the forest. Follow them, but keep some distance. They will gather around a campfire and you will be given the task of quietly watching what happens.

But it gets a lot more entertaining if you don’t stop! So move a bit and wait for the upcoming cutscene. No matter what you say to the women, they will take you for the devil and do whatever you want!

As you came into contact with the ointment , hallucinations also set in and soon there are no more three women in front of you, but a horse, a pig and a chicken . Now it's up to you: Which animal, or lady, do you want to crack? After the conversation, you can choose a love for the night and you'll get the job. We chose the horse and cracked the lock in a mini-game. This works just like the normal lock picking.

All Ends, Pig, Horse, Chick, Three Women, Henry, Dance With the Devil, Bad Trip, KC Deliverance

Shortly thereafter, you are attacked by horrible characters and Henry has the choice to intervene, or to do nothing. This results in different ends of the quest:

- Intervention and Protect The Women: In the fight you kill the devilish aggressors and save the women. If you follow the quest to Father Godwin, he will not be very happy and pray for the good of your soul. The women, on the other hand, survive.

- Dodge the Attackers and Wait and See: The attackers will not kill you, instead they go to the women and want to strike them down for the Sorcerer's Sabbath. So the women die, the herbal woman will be upset and also the father is not very happy.

You see, either the attackers die by your hand or the women by the bandits / millers . No matter which path you choose, if you speak with Father Godwin, you will receive the Trophy.

But what happens if you don’t intervene and let the Sabbath happen while you are watching from a safe distance, the women are also interrupted and attacked. Again, you can intervene or let the attackers grant. But you miss the success…