Brew or Save without Saviour Schnapps: Kingdom Come Deliverance

The Saviour Schnapps or alcohol in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD) buffs Henry and gives him some courage. But what do you need for this alcohol and what to do if there are no ingredients or an alchemist nearby?

You need the following ingredients to craft savior schnapps. However, you should learn to read before venturing into alchemy, otherwise decoding the recipes will take much longer.

- Some Wine
- One portions of Nettle
- Two portions of Belladonna

Now it is time to follow the instructions in the recipe. You have to have internalized the basics of alchemy. After that it is quite simple.

Saviour Schnapps Recipe - Crafting Guide

- First of all, you have to put the herbs you need on the right side of the shelf.

- Then take the wine at the top left of the shelf. This is in the blue jug. Then select the kettle so Henry fills it with the liquid.

Brew Saviour Schnapps, Recipe, Save Without Alcohol, Kingdom Come Deliverance

- Now put the nettle in the cauldron and fire up twice before turning the hourglass over and letting it run through.

- Now take two portions of belladonna and put it in the mortar before crushing it with the grinder. Then it goes to the pot.

- Now, you need to brew again.

- In order to let the finished swill into your inventory, you must now take a vial from the bottom left corner and click on the cauldron.

Once you've done it once or twice, it's not really a complicated process. However, you may not have a lab nearby or there are no suitable ingredients.

Of course, you can always drop by the alchemist or various dealers and hope that they have some of the drop with the floppy label. But you should not forget that it costs 100 groschen.

Find Ingredients for the Saviour Schnapps

A cheaper way to get the schnapps is by brewing, but of course you need the ingredients. While you don’t have to worry about the wine because it's always on the lab, it's helpful to know which herbs are growing:

- Nettle: Nettle grows on every street corner because they are an aggressive weed.

- Belladonna: You will often find belladonna on forest clearings and at forest edges.

If you don’t feel like looking for herbs, you can also purchase the necessary ingredients from alchemist (local pharmacists) or herbalists. Of course, it will cost you a few groschen, but not nearly as many as when you buy a finished bottle of savior.

How to Save Without Saviour Schnapps

In general, there are also two methods to save in the game without consuming alcohol:

- At important points in history, KCD automatically saves. After a cutscene, the screen will turn black and you will see the saving process.

- If Henry lies down in his own bed, you also save. Exempted are berths with sleeping facilities and taverns where you can spend the night.

If you want to use the savior, you either have to go into the inventory and select the schnapps there, or you open the menu and go to the Save game tab. This also consumes a Saviour from your inventory.