Defeat Vaal Hazak in Monster Hunter World

Vaal Hazak is one of the toughest Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter World. You’ll find this monster in the deepest part of the Rotten Valley. With its fatal vapor, it consumes animals and becomes stronger. You also do the coral highlands a favor when you get to the bottom of the toxic gases and kill Vaal Hazak. But how do you defeat this monster?

Before you tackle the Vaal Hazak, you should prepare yourself well. The quest will appear when you are get to the root of the Rotten Valley and you should first think about following:

- As the poisons in the Rotten Valley steadily weaken your health, you should have a meal in the canteen that boosts your health.

- After a good meal, go to the Blacksmith - take and upgrade a weapon that does fire damage.

- Since the Vaal Hazak renounce elemental attacks and relies entirely on the poison, you should use armor with the highest possible defense values.

- Poogie - Just out of habit and if he brings good luck.

- Take enough Null berries and mega potions. If you already have them, then you can also buy max potions.

- In addition, you should take a few bombs, which also cause fire and explosion damage.

Defeat Vaal Hazak, Elder Dragon, Monster Hunter World

How to Defeat Vaal Hazak?

Prepare yourself for a poisonous fight:

- The strongest attack of the Vaal Hazak is not its fragmented claws or the double jaw - it is the exhalations of the poison gas. This will take half of your health when hit. If you are poisoned, drop a Null Berry and drink a Healing Potion. This slows down the effect.

- The Dragon has two vapor attacks: At the beginning, he starts a poison gas spit. So try to stay behind or under him, because as soon as you are in front of him, you will be hit because the attack has a long range.

- Later, he uses an poison bomb, where he constantly releases vapor, which spreads steadily from the Vaal Hazak. Here you have the time to keep your distance to avoid the effect.

- Do not spend too much time with his dead Girros assistants and later with Raphinos helpers, as they only keep you unnecessarily. If you lure them close enough to the Vaal Hazak, he can also throw them away with a targeted tail blow.

- Especially, attack on the stomach when you are close. Since the Vaal Hazak hardly flies, you don’t have to deal with destroying the wings.

- As long as you are relatively close to the monster, you can also do good damage, especially if you are under the Vaal Hazak.

The fight is lengthy due to the poison, but not impossible. So stay persistent and return to an obvious camp to top up your inventory with potions and berries.