Earn Groschen, Make Money Fast in Kingdom Come Deliverance

At the beginning of Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), your protagonist Henry doesn’t have much money in his hand. So if you want to make money in KCD, you have to stick to the following tips,

Break and Steal from the Rich / Noble Houses in Rattay

Break into the upper floors of the noble houses in Rattay and search the lockers (lockpick and pickpocket skills are required). In addition to valuable goods, you will also find plenty of groschen here. Even in the daytime there are hardly any people in these houses. Of course, caution is still required. If you get caught, then you have to pay the fine.

Unlock the Stolen Goods Fence

If you have stolen goods, then you have to sell them for cash. Stolen goods are too hot for most merchants, especially in the towns where you stole it. In the long term you get only trouble with the law.

One solution is to sell the stolen goods to another settlement far away. Even better is the fence. In Kingdom Come Deliverance, the millers are your contact persons. There are three millers in the game world: Peschek in Rattay, Woyzeck in Kohelnitz and another one in Sasau.

At the beginning, Peschek will help you and pays your medical expenses. Settle your debts with him as soon as possible and complete his side quest The Good Thief. Find the Ring in the quest (The Executioner in the House Has It) and bring it to Peschek. He will then send you to a fence where you should bring the ring. Do this and you unlock the merchant for stolen goods. In addition, you will get a new quest series about further raids.

Earn Groschen, Make Money Fast, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Rob Hikers

While you are traveling through the wilderness you will encounter hikers. Sneak up from behind and put the hiker out of action with the F / L2 / LT button.

Hikers always have a few groschen with them. They also have food and armor that you can sell. Just make sure nobody sees you and the crime is perfect.

Defeat Bandits

Use the fast trip between two points that lead through a dense, dark forest. Here you will sooner or later be attacked by bandits. If you are already battle-tested and have good armor and weapons, you can defeat them and take away their valuables and everything else you can make money.

You should already own a horse for this method, as you can transport more items this way. Then sell everything to the next dealer. You can repeat this as often as you like and the bandits can literally farm. But don’t overestimate yourself. If you hit a bigger band of bandits, you better flee and try again elsewhere.

Sell Cumans’ Ears

In addition to bandits, you can also go hunting for kumans. If you have a dagger (you can buy from weaponsmiths), you can cut off their ears and give them to Mr. Robard in Talmberg. He will reward you with groschen for every ear delivered.

Captain Bernard in Rattay buys you such ears as well. Bernard also gives you a side quests that will send you on a hunt for bandits. This earns you more groschen. Also, this method requires a certain amount of combat experience from you and Savior Schnapps for manual scores you should definitely have it.