Expand your Inventory Space in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, it is important to have enough space in your inventory. Let's begin with your backpack. This inventory cannot be expanded. Therefore, if you're hunting for monsters or wanting to farm resources, then you'll need to think carefully about what you take with you and what you leave in your item box - but we'll come to that later.

It is important to note that everything you collect won’t go into your backpack inventory. Most of the items that make it into your hands are packed right into your item box. In your backpack you will still find bugs and plants, but you can deliver them to your camp at any time.

Just open the map and use the fast travel to get to the nearest tent. Enter this and simply put the items in your item box. Your backpack will be empty again and you can venture out into the world again. But what should you absolutely leave in your inventory?

The Most Important Items You Should Have In Your Inventory

Of course, it depends on your task which items you should have in your inventory. If you fight against enemies who attack you with poison, then of course you need antidote or herbal powder. For example, null berries help against every kind of plague. If you look into the item box at the campsite, you will be provided with the most necessary items, but they are not always among the best.

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- Of course, you should always have 10 potions at the beginning. After a short while, you will switch to Mega Potions and as soon as you can make Max Potions, you will upgrade to them. But until then you can craft the Ancient Potion. Then you take with you for your health only this.

- However, the Ancient Potion is good in two ways. In the beginning you need to increase and restore your endurance with rations and prepared meat. However, the Ancient Potion will restore both your health and stamina and maximize their balance. Yes, stamina is important and items to push them should always fit in your inventory.

- When you come in contact with poison, you definitely need something to neutralize it. In the beginning, we still had antidote in the inventory, but over time, we have learned to deal with herbal powder. Not only does this restore your normal status, it also provides you with health.

- If you have to fight strong opponents who don’t give you much time to whet your weapon, then you should put Whet fish Fin in your pocket. It only takes half of those to renew your blades.

Depending on the quest, you can reserve the remaining slots in the inventory with other important items or keep them free to farm additional items.