Find Darkcloth with Palico in Monster Hunter World

Fans of the Monster Hunter game series are already familiar with this item and just like in the predecessors it is not easy to get the Darkcloth in Monster Hunter World. Darkcloth is a 5-star manufacturing item and is extremely rare.

The path to the Darkcloth leads through very lively and knowledge-hungry cat companions. After visiting the research base for the first time, you'll have the opportunity to send Tailraider Safari. These are not explorations made by your own Palico, but rather the Palicos of players whose guild cards you have received.

- Visit the Lynian researcher in the research center. She will let you know as soon as you can start a safari.

- The selected Palicos have hunting, gathering and exploration skills and, at best, they are strong in all three areas.

- Pick a route that has 4-star sections or higher, because only here opens up the possibility of the rare item.

- The safaris always take five quests, so it takes some time to find out if the Palicos were successful.

- The Darkcloth is a random drop, so it may take a few safaris before you get the item.

Darkcloth, Palico, Monster Hunter World

Some patience is required if you want to get this item, because the Palicos will not always return with the items you have wished for. But since this is the only way to get to the Darkcloth , you have to hope for the luck of the Palicos, because even Poogie cannot help you here.

Where you send the Palicos, is less important, because the darkcloth is not fixed to any region. More important is the strength of the Palicos. So swap guild cards with other players to get more powerful Palicos in your safari squads.