Find Hans Capon, Location Map, in Kingdom Come Deliverance

In Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), you are in the role of Henry as a punishment together with the youth Hans Capon. He challenges you to a competitive hare hunting - it is up to you whether you follow him and poaching in his hunting grounds or go independently. Return to camp around noon and a new task is waiting - no matter if you could defeat Hans or not.

Next Hans wants to kill a boar, a male boar. Since you both are still the real greenhorns in the hunt, the attempt to kill him with a bow and arrow goes really wrong. Instead, the struck animal runs into the forest and Hans hurries afterwards.

You, who don’t have a horse, stay behind and receive the quest update immediately. Find Mr. Hans. If you zoom out of the map, you will notice that the area is not small. If you do not want to wander around until dark, take a look at the following map. In the marked area you will find Hans. He ran into the arms of some bandits, who are happy about blue blood in their ranks of course.

Find Hans Capon, Location Map, Kingdom Come Deliverance

If you want to avoid a fight, don’t storm the camp, but sneak up on it. Maybe drink a Saviour Schnapps before, if it comes to the unwanted fight. You can - without being discovered - sneak up to the pillar to which Hans is tied and cut him off. After that you should get on and off before the bandits notice that Hans has disappeared.

There are some chests in the camp that you can loot with lockpicking - assuming you've already practiced castle cracking.


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