Find Leshek’s Devil Skull, Location: KC Deliverance

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, you will come across many side quests and one such side quest called House of God, where you have to look for a Devil Skull, that you will get from an NPC in Talmberg. In this guide, we’ll show you the location and give you some useful tips on how to find this skull.

The quest takes you from Talmberg to the Sasau monastery, where you should collect some details about an accident that was apparently caused by badly cut stone.

Speak with the Brother Porter in the monastery, who will tell you where to find the monastery mausoleum. Find and ask him about the scene of the accident. Then talk to Master Karel, who tells you something about a curse and the skull found during the excavation.

Now, you have to talk to Zmola, the master's assistant, and Leshek, and ask him about the Devil Skull. Leshek tells you that he wanted to throw the skull in the river, but dropped it on the way.

Before you go in search of the skull, you examine the accident site at the farm building next to the church to take a piece of the stone.

Go to the yellow mark shown on the map. Get into the water and walk along the riverbank. The skull is hidden under the small cliff. Take a look at the following images, which show the devil skull location.

Devil Skull Location, Map, House of God, KC Deliverance Guide

 Devil Skull, Location Guide, KC Deliverance

 Devil Skull, Location Guide, KC Deliverance

Devil Skull, Location Guide, KC Deliverance

With the skull you travel to Sasau and let the gravedigger confirm that it is not a devil skull, but only a prepared human skull. Return to the monastery and looking for Leshek, who is nowhere to be found.

Talk to Zmola, who tells you that he will meet Leshek. You should come to the scaffolding in the evening - do that. However, neither Zmola nor Leshek are there. Instead, you will be attacked by a man.

After completing the battle, you tell the monastery master about the events. Then you have to go to the mill (where Leshek is supposed to hide) to stop Zmola, who wants to kill Leshek. Stop Zmola and then report to Sir Divish to complete this side quest.