Food Poisoning Treatment in Kingdom Come Deliverance

In Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), you’ll find a lot of food that will fill your stomach as well as give you strength and prepare you for new adventures. However, if you eat rotten food you can quickly catch food poisoning. In this guide, we’ll show you how to treat the food poisoning.

This happens when you eat food that has shelf life (heart symbol) below 50. You will recognize this by the red coloring of the number. As foods last for varying amounts of time, some become worse faster than others. For example: dried fruit and dried meat, last longer than fresh fruits or fresh meat.

If you eat bad food, you will get a debuff (skull icon next to the health bar). This will slowly reduce your health over time as long as the poisoning is active. Especially serious poisonings reduce your health even for a long time. Remember: The more the freshness of a food goes down to zero, the stronger the poisoning effect.

If you want to cure a poisoning, you have the following two options:

- Sleeping in a Bed: Yes, that's right, sleeping in bed negates the poisoning in KCD and also gives you back 10 life points per hour's sleep.

- Take an Antidote: Somewhat more expensive is the purchase of an antidote. You can get this from the pharmacist (for example in Rattay).

Food Poisoning Treatment, Kingdom Come Deliverance, KCD

Keep in mind that bad or spoiled food is not completely useless. You can still sell them to retailers for a few groschen.