Get Primm and Popoi in Secret of Mana (2018)

The remake of Secret of Mana (HD) brings back the two iconic characters Primm and Popoi, and if you want to unlock them as your companions then there are two options for you. In this guide, we'll explain the easy way and then show you how you can alternatively include them in your group.

Find the Girl ‘Primm

After your first boss fight against the Mantis Ant you need to take the path to the Water Palace. Very important: If you want to find Primm, you have to talk to the soldier in the courtyard of the palace and watch them as the company disappears over the teleporter left - that triggers a meeting.

Then go to the south to the town of Pandoria, where you will be attacked and abducted by goblins. This only happens if you watch the soldiers on their magical departure. Fortunately, Primm appears and recues you from this predicament. Unfortunately she disappears shortly afterwards.

If you want to unlock the companion, you must now make a detour to the castle. After the dispute with her father, Primm meets you and asks you to look for her boyfriend with her. Primm joins the group.

If you miss the early encounter with Primm, then you will only be able to rescue her in the hunted woods. Here you have to deal with powerful wolves, which will demand a lot from you at this time. We recommend you to use the first method.

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Note: It is quite normal for Primm to flee after a certain amount of time. Later, she will be with you as a companion, no matter what you do.

Find the Goblin ‘Popoi’

If you don’t get on in the Hunted wood, because you're missing an ax. This you get in the Dwarf village, where the goblin named Popoi is located.

You can also visit the Dwarf village first, defeat the second boss and add Popoi to your group before you take care of the girl, but our method is much faster and not so much involved in difficult fights.

The important thing is that you should have at least 150 GP in your pocket - you will need them later. First, you should visit the theater at the item shop. Pay the 150 GP, get it back a short time later and pay a visit to the resident blacksmith.

If you leave his job, the second boss fight against Tropicallo starts. If you defeat the boss, the goblin joins your group. You have unlocked all companions and can now play in co-op.