Get Uncontaminated Fresh Clean Water in Metal Gear Survive

Just like in real, water is very important to satisfy your thirsty and maintain your stamina level in Metal Gear Survive. In this guide, we will show you how to get clean purify water.

At the beginning of the game, you may wonder where you get safe drinking water from. The local water well only gives you contaminated water that infects you.

After searching for fresh water endless minutes, it's finally time to hit the base camp. Here you will learn from Virgil AT-9 the basics and are also led to boxes. Just remember that you should examine everything that flashes brightly.

Here, with a little luck, you might find a lot of containers or empty bottles that you can use to fill water. As you visit buildings and settlements later, you will often find empty bottles or water bottles. With them you already have the first resource, uncontaminated water, in Metal Gear Survive!

At the beginning you get three bottles of fresh water. Make sure you utilize them well because you cannot boil and clean water right now!

If your thirst goes down, you will see the value above your health and stamina bar. From this point you should be active slowly, because your stamina will start to decline with thirst.

Get Uncontaminated Water, Fresh and Clean Water, Metal Gear Survive

- A fresh / clean bottle of water will give you +900 endurance / stamina value.
- A contaminated water will give you +500 stamina.
- Wild berries will give you +50 stamina.

You need a pot to turn the fire into a cooking station. This is an extended version of the campfire, which you will get during the main mission (Chapter 7). As soon as you unlock the wormhole generator, the cooking station will come - at least the blueprint for it. But you still have to craft the pot.

But until you arrive in chapter 7, you will get clean water in the following ways and satisfy your thirst:

- Search for wild berries. They satisfy your thirst and give you +50 stamina.
- In the Metal Gear Survive world there are also closed water bottles with clean water. Seek it!
- You get a free bottle of clean water when you log in daily.

If you don’t find clean water, you can still drink contaminated water. It will bring you negative status effects like an infection. With drugs you heal them again. But you are not always infected. If you still suffer from an infection, you only see the effects every 3 seconds about every 2 minutes. In addition, there is a warning from the game that you recognize by a sound as soon as you have to break. You should also consider the option of drinking contaminated water.

From chapter 7 you will also be able to build water tanks that automatically provide you with fresh water.