Masquerade Walkthrough: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Masquerade is another optional side quest that you will get in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). In this quest, you have to find and talk to Fritz and Matthew. You can find them in tavern northwest of Neuhof.

Ask Fritz how things are with Andrew (Innkeeper). He can probably help to sell stolen goods, so you should now talk to him. So look in front of the tavern for the Innkeeper, talk to him and then follow him into the storage cellar. To convince him now you need 100 groschen.

Now you have to go find three Cuman armors.

The following are some tasks you have to complete and some that you can only make optional.

- (Optional) Head to Cuman Camp west of Uzhitz
- (Optional) Head to Cuman Camp, east of Uzhitz
- (Optional) Go to Cuman Camp not far from Andrew’s inn
- Get three Cuman helmets with face mask
- Get three Cuman armor

Cuman armor and helmets with face mask

The next camp of the Cuman is not far from the tavern (mark D). Northwest, along the path, you will find the camp. There are 5 Cumans who will attack you immediately when you approach.

You have no chance if you take on all five at the same time, you can scare them and try to lure them apart so that you take one at a time. Of course you can also go to another camp first, in the camps with the mark B are only three Cumans.

 Masquerade Walkthrough, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Of course, there are many ways to eliminate the Cumans, remember to use your bow!

You should try to sneak into the camps at night to knock over the Cumans during sleep, the chests there were empty. In addition, they cause some noise!

Ask Milomir what a real Cuman looks like

If you have the armor in the inventory, go back to the innkeeper Andrew. Henry is shown armor, but he does not look like a Cuman. You need to talk to Milomir now, he will know what a real Cuman looks like. You find him in front of the tavern. Go and talk to him. You have to talk to three other people here.

Your next task is to find raven feathers / black feathers, wolf teeth and a dog skin

- Go to the A-mark on the map, northwest of the tavern - You experience the cumans use black feathers (Find some black feathers / Find raven feathers)

- Find Olena in the eastern edge of Talmberg: She remembers fangs (procure animal teeth / finds wolf teeth)

- Now go to the South of Uzhitz in the yard (The horse): The stable-boy talks about dog-skin for the Cman armor (procure dog-skin / hunting a dog at night and skins it).

Now get the feathers, the wolf teeth and the dog skin. Then return to Andrew the innkeeper and the quest is over.