MH World: Unlock Better Meals, Bonuses and Canteen Guide

In Monster Hunter World, you need the canteen and above all the food or dishes for simple survival.

In the canteen, you can order food in advance and that will be ready once you back from a quest. In one point, the canteen is different from common restaurants: you have to bring your own ingredients! The meals are only orderable if you have all the funds you need in the inventory.

Before start a quest you should always visit the canteen and take your food to boost your stamina or health. Note that the effect of a meal disappears once you have fainted. Accordingly, you must visit the canteen again. Here are the pre-orders, which then give you extra health.

Upgrade Canteen and Unlock Better Dishes

At regular intervals the chef in the canteen will hire you with quests. You can tell by the yellow exclamation point above his cute little head. With each quest, you upgrade the canteen and thus the range of dishes, or expand the list of ingredients. Collect everything carefully in the environment. Also when fishing you can get some tidbits.

As you progress through the game, the canteen gets some upgrades automatically. This includes many new dishes and the drinks. In addition, the dishes with 6 instead of 3 ingredients are more complex, which in the end, of course, gives you more bonus additions.

Monster Hunter World, Unlock Better Meals, Bonuses, Canteen Guide
All Meals and Their Bonuses

To live only from grilled steaks on the BBQ grill is also not a balanced nutrition plan for a hunter. Fortunately, the choice in the canteen is great and there is something suitable for every hunt:

Choice of the Chef: +30 Health (+12 Palicos Health), +25 Stamina - With this your attack increased to medium

Meat dish: +30 Health (+12 Health of the Palicos), +25 Stamina - Your attack increased to medium.

Fish dish: +25 stamina - Your defense increased to medium.

Vegetable dish: +25 stamina: Your element resistance increased to medium.

Hunter’s platter: +10 stamina (+4 Health for Palico), +25 Stamina - Your attack increased slightly.

Healthy dish: +10 Health (+4 Health for Palico), +25 Stamina - Your defense increased slightly.

Challenger’s platter: +25 Stamina - Your attack minimally increased.

Comfort platter: +10 Health (+4 Health for Palico), +25 Stamina - Your attack increased slightly.

Unpredictable meal: +30 Health (+12 Health for Palico), +25 Stamina - Your attack increased to medium.


  1. Your meals bonus list is completely inaccurate. The health bonus of the meal is based on the number of fresh ingredients and the stat bonus is based on what type of ingredient, each fresh ingredient adds +10 hp, capping at +50, 2 meat gives Attack(s), 4 meat gives Attack(m) and 6 gives Attack(L). Fish does the same thing for Def and Veggies do the same for elemental defense. The healthy platter is just the chef giving you as many fresh ingredients as he has, the meat platter is as many meat as he can give you using fresh ingredients first.


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