Money for Old Rope Walkthrough: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Money for Old Rope is one of the many side quests that you will find in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You will get it from Executioner Hermann in Rattay.

To sabotage the executioner, first you must find out the punishments of the three criminals. Talk to the Bailiff to learn what crimes are being charged to them. Then head to the upper floor of the Rathaus building and look for the hangman book. Look for similar crimes in the chronicles to find out the punishments.

Then go to the executioner and tell him what you have found out. These are the planned execution methods for three criminals:

Peter of Dauba: He should be beheaded. You have to steal the executioner's sword, make it blunt, and then bring it back.

Georg Weiss: He should be hanged and should dangle on the gallows. To make sure that doesn’t go as planned, you have to replace the rope with a rotten rope.

Frost Heralt: The worst of the three criminals is to be tortured. To sabotage this, you must prepare the tongs with poison so that Heralt dies instantly.

Money for Old Rope, Walkthrough, KCD, Peter of Dauba, Georg Weiss, Frost Heralt

Sabotage Execution

Reach the hangman's camp east of Rattay at night. If you don’t have any poison in your inventory, you should buy some from the herb woman in the forest or brew them yourself. Then put on some soft clothes and sneak into the camp.

- The easiest way is to sabotage the flesh ripping tongs. It lies on the front of the covered wagon. Carefully approach the cart, moisten the tongs with the poison and pull back.

- Next you sneak into the barn, which is only a few meters away from the covered wagon. Climb quietly up the ladder and replace the rope lying on the ground (easy to miss).

- Finally, wait for a few seconds and sneak into the hangman's tent next to the barn. There is a chest whose lock you have to crack (difficulty: easy). Get the hangman's sword. Go back to Rattay and head to the grindstone. Hold the Executioner's Sword blade directly against the whetstone to blunt it. Then you have to put back in the camp and the sword back in the chest.

After you have completed all these steps, go to Hermann and tell him about your success. Go to Gallows Hill at the time of execution and enjoy the show