My Time At Portia Getting Started Guide, Friends with NPCs

My Time At Portia is a mix of Stardew Valley and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You will soon realize that you can spend hours here in the finest Stardew Valley manner. In the game, you collect resources, cut trees, collect herbs and explore mines. You also take assignments and give your favored bachelors to marry him at some point. In the first few hours of MTAP, you will still be busy getting your workshop license. For this you will be introduced to the crafting. First, look at everything and discover Portia. Then we'll help you with the following tips.

Skill Points: You earn a skill point as you move up a level. You're basically leveling for just about anything you can do in the game. Collect materials, visit the mine and craft items. For each row in the three categories you have to give 5 points to unlock the next row. You can only spend a maximum of 5 skill points. After that, the series is blocked. So think carefully what you want to acquire. Since we needed help on the social rail at the beginning, we need the ability that gives us more points in talking to NPCs. In addition, we have increased our stamina like crazy. At the beginning you absolutely need enough Stamina to get many materials, orders and thus money.

My Time At Portia, MTAP, Skill Points Guide

Incase you want to reset all issued points. For that you have to address the nurse Phyllis. Visit her in Dr. Xu's Clinic. The whole thing costs you 1,000 Gols and is called Acupuncture.

Improve Friendship: If you improve your friendship with the NPCs, you can marry some of them later. You recognize them at the heart under the social tab in the menu. First there are dates, then you can marry. But be warned! If you are more than just a person, both become jealous and cannot talk to you anymore. With an update it should soon be possible to get a divorce. By the way, you don’t even have to pay attention to gender when going out. All singles like women and men alike.

There are few things that you should know about friendships and romances in My Time At Portia

- If you have unlocked a star or a heart with an NPC, you will hear his birthday. If you give the dweller his favorite present for his day of honor, the social points multiply!

- From two hearts Dates or Play are unlocked. Here you can now arrange with the NPC in places.

- Be sure to check out the bonuses that bring you friendships with NPCs. You have reached a friendship from 6 stars or hearts.

My Time At Portia, MTAP, Relationship Guide

- If you don't talk to an NPC for more than 5 days, the social points will fall again. So be sure to talk to all the residents who come across you. If you have reached 4 hearts or stars, the points don’t reduce any more.

-  To reach a heart or a star, you need a total of 100 Relationship Points.

Farm Gols Quickly: Maybe you noticed the arrows at dealers who show the market price? While we initially thought they would change when we lined up with the NPC, we quickly realized that the system is simpler. There are daily market prices. As soon as you enter the first mine, you will run with sand and stone relatively quickly while you collect other objects.

Use these materials and process them further. So you make sand out of sand and stone simply stone chairs. Then make sure that the market price is higher than 100 percent and sells everything. Before you go to sleep, you should not only fill up the energy sources, but also the crafting orders on the different machines.

To earn Gols quickly, we only needed commissions. Especially those where you only need to build 3 or 4 boxes or grill 7 roasts are easy. Besides, you should do the first big mission with the bridge as it will bring you over 1,000 gols.

My Time At Portia, MTAP, Guide, Earn Gols

- Roping Mini-Game: In front of your house you will find the pier of the Old McDonald farm. Search for a sack lying on the ground in the cattle and horse enclosure. Here you start the mini game Roping.

This game will cost you 5 Stamina to play it - but it's worth it! You just have to wait for the animal to be in the middle of the screen. Then you click on the left mouse button and pull it to you. You only have a limited number of ropes - so choose wisely which animals you want to catch.

Cows will give you milk in the end, which in turn will not only give you 6 stamina per glass , but also around the 25 Gols on sale.

Give Data Discs to Petra: At the Research Center, you can give Petra your Data Discs that you find in the mine. Incidentally, the discs are not identifiable as glowing orbs in the mine. You just get them by chance when digging. Petra and also the church are keen on this item. At the church you get special plants for it - at Petra you get blueprints for machines.

Better give Data Discs to Petra and start small with it. If you give the researcher only 5 pieces, you will get upgrades to your normal machines. For example, a smelting furnace that makes iron bar.

Stealing: When you talk to your opponent Higgins from time to time, you realize that he's really scared that you're stealing him. This fear is justified. He has iron bars that you could use well. Go to his workshop and find his smelting furnace. Sometimes there are iron bars around here. Higgins must not be near, otherwise he wants to fight with you. The sparring costs you 15 Stamina - and does not necessarily have to be. In the morning he runs to the Commerce Guild and picks up his commissions. In time, his oven is unguarded...