Next to Godliness, Cellar and flowers Guide: KC Deliverance

The Next to Godliness quest is an optional quest that you’ll find in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In this guide, we will give some useful tips and help you with step by step guide to complete this quest.

First you must meet Lord Hans Capon after the quest The Prey, you can find him in the upper floor of the castle. You must go and speak to him to trigger the quest Next to Godliness.

You need to wait until dark and then go to the bathhouse marked on your map. After you enter go straight ahead. Back to the individual tents. There is a door left in the bathhouse. Knock on and Hans will ask you in.

Inside there are some dialogues, then you required to get into the bathtub and have to take off your clothes. Some dialogues later you get out of the bathtub again, then steal the Hans’ key from the chest!

It does not matter which dialogues you select, even if you refuse to get into the bathtub the following steps will come.

Play Zdena at Dice: Now you have to roll against Zdena. If you lost twice, Hans will ask you to get some Sylvian Red wine. For this you need his key.

Get the Red wine from the Rathaus Wine Cellar: Now, you absolutely need the Hans’ key and a torch!

Go to the Armory in Rattay, where you have ring the bell at the "guard duty". Then go to the left of the building on the back, there is a wooden staircase leading upwards.

Now use your torch, sneak and open the door with key. Turn right immediately and then down the stairs, straight ahead, then the next door to the wine cellar opens. Below you will find a pitcher and the Red Silvaner wine.

Incase if a guard finds you, tell him to bring wine for Mr. Capon, and second, show the Hans’ key to the guard. That should be enough.

Next to Godliness, Guide, KC Deliverance

Bring everyone back to the bathhouse, then you have to get bouquet of flowers for Klara.

Now the time is running, you have to collect the following flowers before the sun rises!

- Dandelion
- Sage
- Roses 
- Poppies

Except for the roses you will find everything when you leave the "Upper Castle", near the battleground you should find dandelion, sage and poppy flowers (red).

For the roses - when you enter the upper castle (over the drawbridge) you have to look that you are on the right (under the wooden staircase) go through and behind the castle, so you end up in the garden and can collect the red roses.

If you have everything together, update your quest, bring the bouquet of flowers to Klara, followed by a cutscene and a short fistfight. Then you have to visit Lord Hans Capon to complete the quest.