Queen of Sheba Walkthrough, Find Sword Pieces KC Deliverance

To get the Queen of Sheba quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD), you have to go to Sasau. There, you have to find and talk to Swordsmith. He’ll ask you to find the five missing pieces of the sword of the Queen of Sheba and promises you to put the sword together and reward you with the money (Groschen).

Locations of the Sword Pieces / How to get them

It does not matter in what order you find the Sword Pieces. In fact, you could even find all the pieces first and then talk to the Swordsmith in Sasau for the first time. Accordingly, you can take your time with the quest and do it if you feel like it. The sword pieces can be found in the following locations:

- The first sword piece you can get from the blacksmith near the monastery in Sasau. He always has the piece with him, so the quest ends here temporarily for you, if you're not good enough in pickpocketing. Of course, you can easily knock the blacksmith out - but for that you need to have the appropriate stats.

Blacksmith, Monastery in Sasau, Kingdom Come Deliverance

No matter what you do, visit him at night and do not bother him while he sleeps or visit him around noon, because then his assistant is not present. Don’t get caught if your reputation is worth anything!

- The second sword piece you can get from the Blacksmith in Talmberg. You don’t really need to bother this person with the question, because he'll tell you that he forgot where he'd wrapped the piece.

Blacksmith in Talmberg, Kingdom Come Deliverance

So you just have to break in with him. In the picture above you can see the blacksmith's house. Take the second door on your left. There - on a few barrels away - lies the abandoned piece.

- The third sword piece you can get from the Ledetchko in Talmberg. Again you need to have the pickpocketing skill here. If you don’t want that or if you lack the skills, you can also buy the piece for just 200 groschen.

 Queen of Sheba, Sword Pieces, Ledetchko in Talmberg, Kingdom Come Deliverance

- The fourth sword piece you can get from the Swordsmith in Rattay. Go to his house during the day (it's right on the forge) and make sure the maid inside does not see you. Otherwise, you have to be very fast. Sneak up the stairs to the loft. There you will find a chest that is easy to crack. You can, of course, steal out what you need, but you should not forget the piece by the way.

Queen of Sheba, Sword Pieces, Ledetchko in Talmberg, Kingdom Come Deliverance

- The fifth and the last sword piece you can get from the Pickman. For this you must have completed the quest Aquarius. If you have completed this quest in Rattay, be careful to ask Pickman what he can give you if you get him a job. He promises you a piece of the sword. After done the job, talk to him again after a few days, then he will give you the piece.

It may happen that the quest is blocked and does not offer you the option to receive the piece. If so, you can try reloading the game or wait until the bug has been fixed by a patch.

Forge the sword of the Queen of Sheba

If you have all the sword pieces, then you can go back to Sasau and hand over all the pieces to Swordsmith. He will forge the sword now. For that he needs a full day. If you want to call the sword your own, you have to buy it from the blacksmith. It costs about 2,000 groschen, but also has values that are quite sufficient. But there are definitely better weapons in the game as well.