Regain MP and Find Walnuts in Secret of Mana (2018)

In the Secret of Mana (HD) remake you can use magic and spell abilities but for that you need have enough MPs and that's not as easy as it sounds at first, In this guide, we show you how to gain MPs.

How many MP consumes a spell will be shown below. What exactly you trigger, you have to find out by trying. On the one hand, you should often use magic to always increase the level. Second, if you face a boss, you need full MP. Here's how you can regain your MP:

- Go to sleep! This completely replenishes your health and MP. You can also save your points.

- Eat a Walnut! This is the only healing item that MP can replenish. The walnut regenerates 50 MP.

- Activate the cast wizard spell - goblin possesses this magic. Depending on the level, some MP's are removed from the enemy and added to your mana bar.

Sleep is probably the cheapest method here, but you will not find accommodation everywhere. It's also not efficient to return to the motel every time just to fill up the MP. Even at the beginning of the game we recommend you the magic walnuts, but they are expensive and not so easy to get.

Find Walnuts

Walnuts are expensive good. You should also buy these healing items only if you can use magic, the traveling trader Neko's offers you magical walnuts for 1,000 GP. So for now, you better stick in gear or cheap alternatives like candy or chocolate.

Regain MP, Find Magic Walnuts, Secret of Mana HD (2018)

Later, there are dealers where you can buy walnuts for 500 GP. Not cheap, but necessary if you want to regain your MP at any time. By the way, you should know that you can only fill magic points with living characters. Ghosts cannot eat faerie walnuts.

Unfortunately, walnuts are difficult to farm. With a bit of luck, monsters will drop treasure chests containing walnuts. We can recommend you the goblin, basilisk or the thunder gigas, which drop the valuable walnut. Just leave the area and return to trigger a new spawn of enemies.

If you want to use a walnut, you just have to select it in the ring menu. Then you select the target person and confirm the process.

If you play the remake SoM, you can increase the maximum number of wearable items in the menu. By default, you can wear four Faerie walnuts. If you want to make things easier, you simply reduce the load. If you find walnuts in chests, even though you already have four, the item disappears and that would be annoying.