Restless Spirit Walkthrough: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Restless Spirit is one of the many side quests that you’ll find in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). The quest you’ll receive from the herbalist Kunhuta.

She tells you about Drahomira, who has been haunted by his spirit since the death of her neighbor. Now it's up to Henry to perform the smudging ritual and banish the sprit.

Before start the quest, make sure that you have enough poppies in your inventory, at least 10. If you don’t have them then at the time of exorcism, there will be a bug where you can neither move forward nor leave the Drahomira’s house.

- To get around the creature, you buy some poppies from Kunhuta. Overall, you need ten.

- Then go to the village Ledetchko and to Drahomira. She will send you to Sasau, to the grave of her neighbor, from whom you have to pick some flowers.

- Return to Ledetchko and performs the ritual with Drahomira.

- When the cutscene is over, Drahomira will send you away and come back the next morning to see if it worked.

Restless Spirit Walkthrough, Drahomira, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Now Drahomira wants you to go and meet the pharmacist in Rattay to find out more about ghost exaggeration.

Get Necronomicon Book

She will tell you about a book that she needs to read to help you out and steal it for her. And not from somewhere. Now, Henry has to break into the monastery library of Sasau and steal the Necronomicon from there. Here you need higher lock picking skill: If you don’t have that, then you should wait a bit with the quest.

Go to Sasau and make sure that you enter the monastery at night. Most monks sleep at night, making it easier to sneak around. Since you should be quiet, you have to put on an outfit that makes low noise.

Go to the southeast of the monastery and go up the stairs. Go straight, there is an unfinished door that you walk through until you can go left through another, entering a forbidden area. Another left door, through the room with a bed. Take the door straight ahead of you.

In the next room there is a table and four chairs, but you want the chest behind it, which you get with the right lockpicking skills. In that you’ll find the key to the forbidden books that you are interested.

Go through the next door, continue straight until you reach the library. There's a shelf right by the door that you can unlock by holding the Necronomicon. Some users report that they cannot pick up the book. Hopping around a bit and approaching it from different angles, then it should work.
Find Lada’s Grave

Return to the herbalist. Give her the book and wait about half a day to read it.

She informs you that you must find the grave of the neighbor's dead wife. Where that is, Drahomira may know, so you - you guessed it. Now you must go to Ledetchko and ask about the Lada’s grave. Drahomira does not know, but someone from the village does. Ask from the innkeeper in the tavern. You also need something from Alois' house. Just follow the quest marker and take some charred wood with you.

Before you go to the grave, you should first return to the herbalist, because then he accompanies you with the magic. Meet her at the indicated waypoint and go together to the grave of Lada.

Cast the Spell and Stop the Curse

Meet the herbalist at dusk. If she is not there, just let a couple of hours pass.

So go back and talk to Drahomira in the morning. However, she is still haunted by her horror. It turns out that Drahomira now wants the help of the priest.

Now Henry have to go and see Father Godwin, who tells you that this is not so much a ghost as a guilty conscience, in which he too can do little. He recommends that you address Drahomira one last time and let her set up a penitential cross, so you have to - yes, unfortunately - go back to Ledetchko.

To get the truth out of Drahomira requires little rhetoric. If you exceed 5/5/4, you are on the safe side. Give her some comfort with your words and agree with her idea to confess everything to the children. She then sends you to the quarry to order the Dowry Cross. She gives you some money. In the end, you only need ten groschen to get closer to the end.

The quarry is located northwest of Talmberg, so use fast travel or a horse back riding. If you are at a certain point in the main mission, the quarry is abandoned for a while. Since the quest is not timed, you have no time to do so. After a cutscene, Drahomira will thank you and reward you with a unique ring.