Romance Guide, Theresa Stephanie Bathhouse: KC Deliverance

Just like in many other RPG, there are also romances in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). If Henry wants to take a break from his hard work, then there are some ways to let him relax in a special way.

If you want to unlock all the achievements in the game, then you have to play at least two runs. In one round, Henry must remain a young free. He will make it only if he never drinks with Father Godwin and never uses the full bathhouse service. In the next run you can take care of the romances with Stephanie and Theresa.

Start Romance with Theresa

You will find Theresa in the first 30 minutes of KCD. If the enemy forces attack, you must quickly get a horse and ride to the next place. But before you go, you’ll hear her cries for help from the right row of houses. This is Theresa, who is surrounded by three men. If you wave around here with a sword or otherwise lure the three soldiers to you, you will have a simple game with Theresa. Now, you have to complete the following steps to start a romantic relationship with Theresa.

- During the main quest, Keeping the Peace, you will travel to Rattay and talk to a guard named Nightingale.

- As soon as you speak to him, the Courtship Side Quest unlocks.

- Go to Theresa, who is already waiting for you at the mill in the west of Rattay.

- Ask her if she wants to go for a walk with you.

Romance Guide, Theresa, KC Deliverance
- Gifts further boost your romance.

- Once you sit down, another dialogue follows.

- Since she only has speech level 2, you should be able to play here easily and direct the conversation in your direction.

- Now let it pass for about three to four days and talk to her again.

- Talk to her when it is already dark or at least dawning. Then Theresa makes her way to the tavern.

- There follows a scene in which you should emerge victorious.

- Accompany your beloved mistress home.

- Now you have to wait another three to four days.
- Go back to Theresa and talk to her.

- She wants to play a game with you now. It does not matter if you let her win or not - the end is always the same.

Start Romance with Stephanie

You’ll also meet Stephanie early in the game. She surprises you in the middle of the night with wine and a conversation. What you say here is not relevant. You can only start the romance from the main quest Awakening. Go to the upper level of the castle fortress - there you will find Stephanie. If she is not here, just wait a few hours and look again at the place. Then talk to her so she can give you a quest: At Your Service My Lady. To complete this, you need wine, a crown and a horse.

Romance Guide, Stephanie, KC Deliverance
Wine: There is a wine merchant in Rattay. Speak to him to learn that he has no more wine and go to the competition. Here you can either join in, persuade the winner, give you the wine or buy the wine from the winner for 200 groschen. If you decide for the first one, you should definitely save with the aid of Savior Schnapps or a PC mod.

Horse: Go to Uzhitz and talk to the stable boy there. Ride it safely back to Talmberg.

Crown: In Sasau you will find the crown. Unfortunately, she lacks a gem. The tricky option would be to see where the dealer is, who can give you the piece of jewelry. You can also just have it replaced. That would be the simple method that Stephanie notices but does not break your relationship.

If you have done everything, you may go back to Talmberg and talk to Stephanie. Now she will want to give you a shirt. Take it to you, so that the romance can start.

Romances in the Bathhouse

If Henry is dirty, you can go to a bathhouse and wash your clothes and have your wounds cared for. If Henry is particularly dirty", then the full service with the conversation option "I would like to have a girl and everything that goes with it" helps. But that costs you a lot of groschen, which you can then downplay.