Unlock Larger Room, Suit or Private Quarters in MH World

In Monster Hunter World, there are two upgrades available to larger rooms. At the beginning of MHW, you’ll get small room where you can only house one pet. Few know that they can unlock a large room as they progress through the game, the larger the room the more pets you can accommodate. This means that in theory you just have to keep playing and the upgrades for better quarters will come automatically. But when and how do you get bigger rooms in MH World?

- Space: You start with this small quarter and can talk to the housekeeper here to get to the training camp, place your pets, etc. Also, here is your chest and you can talk to your companion about his equipment in the form of Palico gadgets adapt.

- Private Room / Quarters: You'll unlock the second room pretty quickly once you've settled in at Monster Hunter World. It's a bit hard for us to pinpoint the time precisely because we discovered the option late. However, if you have achieved Hunter Rank 6, you should be ready. Here you can then place around the six pets and drop fish in the aquarium.

- Private Suite: The third room is the last one you can unlock. If you have achieved Hunter Rank 11, then the largest room should be yours as well. Here you can accommodate around 18 animals. They are not only placed inside the room, but also outside in the garden.

If you want to move between the accommodations, all you have to do is talk to your housekeeper. Here you will find the option to move to another room and, once you have unlocked all quarters, you can choose between the three.

Unlock Larger Room, Suit or Quarter, MH World