Waldensians Walkthrough: Kingdom Come Deliverance

The Waldensians is another optional quest that you’ll encounter in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). You’ll get this from Hanush in Rattay. He needs your help to get rid of the Vicar of the Archbishop. In this guide, we will give you step by step guide and some helpful tips to complete this quest.

First, you need to find Vicar. You can find him in the northeast, in Uzhitz. Check the local church during the day.

From him you will learn that you could follow the Waldensians here. In order to read a note you need the ability to read. You receive the notes of the heretic.

The main goal of the quest is to get ride of the Vicar. You don’t have to find the heretics to complete this quest! You can easily kill the vicar at night, but if you return to Hanush, he will not be pleased. You have to have higher values in the art of writing than Hanush, so you can convince him. If it does not work, he will not be happy but the quest is over.

The difficult but great solution is to help the vicar find the Waldensians. Follow the clues and they will lead you to the meeting point, northeast of Uzhitz. At the point on the map where the river becomes a small lake. Just follow the river to the northeast and look for the forest clearing, to the left. Below you can see a picture of the location.

Waldensians Walkthrough, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Once there you see a tree, in front of it is a kind of altar from a tree trunk. On it is a cross , which you take. With the cross in your pocket, you return to Uzhitz.

Ask the villagers for the cross and you will be referred to Father Godwin. The priest recognizes the cross, it belongs to the farmer Bauer. You should go to the court in the evening because they meet there with other people.

Now go to the Vicar and tell him the latest information you have.

The farmer's house will be marked on your map, southeast of Uzhitz. The entire property is a private zone, so be careful! Go there in the evening, at the main house you will find a ladder, over which you get to the loft.

In the attic you have to wait until 9:30 pm, then listen. How the whole thing ends you have to decide:

- Speak to the Vicar, you will be rewarded with 325 groschen. With this path, your favor towards the church increases, Hanush is satisfied and the vicar is gone.

- Don’t go to the Vicar - Talk to Father Godwin . He wants you to help people and persuade them to flee. Go back to the yard and talk to Farmer Bauer. You need very good good values in persuading if you want to be successful, you need at least 13 speech skill level! Otherwise it does not work.

- After the second option, talk to farmer Bauer, tell him you can kill the Vicar.