All Endings and Avoid Bugs in Robber Baron: KC Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD), after you have completed the Next to Godliness side quest you have to go and see Hans Capon to begin the next side quest Robber Baron. In this side quest, you have to take care of the robber baron, a relative of Captain Bernard. Here, you’ll bump into all kinds of bugs, and also you’ll get a chance to choose between different endings.

After the little fashion show we go to Sir Hanush, who asks you to take the robber baron out of the country without - if possible - spilling blood. Since this is a family affair of Captain Bernard, he also travels, so you should join him.

It's up to you if you go with Bernard and his group or if you're going to leave alone. Either way, you will shortly reach the camp that you already know since you left here to Hunting with Hans. Don’t talk to Hans here! This can lead to a bug that takes you back to the beginning of the quest, so you have to repeat the conversation with Hans and Hanush again.

Instead, talk to Bernard immediately, who sends you out to find out more about the bandits' whereabouts. But you should check two farms, but in fact it is enough if you visit one of them. We show you what awaits you:

Yard in the North: The easiest way is to visit this farm - if you have enough speech skills (10/9/7). You can make those present to tell the truth and that’s enough to join, even brings you very close to the camp by a short fast travel starts. After saying goodbye in the woods, move straight on for a while, when Henry sees the robber baron's camp.

Hof in the south: Speak to the woman in the yard and learn that her husband was following one of them after the bandit attack and injured him with the sickle. Consequently, you have a trail of blood that you can follow. If you still want to earn a few pennies, give the lady a few more bandages. Then follow the blood trail into the forest.

Return to your camp and report to Bernard and if you want, you can convince him here that can negotiate with Wolflin. When asked how many bandits are there?, you can answer as you wish. In fact, there are between 10 and 15 bandits in the camp. But to convince Bernard to negotiate, you need speech values of 12/13/16. If that succeeds, you will receive from Bernard a tabard, which you should wear. You also have to lay down your weapons here.

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Now, return to the camp and approach the guard at the camp entrance. He will not treat you as a threat unless you have not dropped your weapons earlier. Follow the bandit and you'll find the robber baron Wolflin. Now there are different ways you can solve the conversation. To successfully get out of trouble, you should have speech value at least 14 and charisma at 13:
- Background of his actions: If you have enough speech value, you can use the baron's motives with the answers I heard your family is cursed and why are you damaging the Lords of ….? So you will learn more about Wolflin.

- Let go and loot here: If you demand this, Wolflin will first enjoy your offer. But when you mention that Hanush has strong allies, like Mr. Radzig, the robber baron will row back and agree. Mr. Hanush is reasonably satisfied with this solution, but praises you for your commitment.

- Go, leave loot here and pay compensation : Here you convince Wolflin to deduct and pay another debit. In return, you pledge to enlighten Mr. Hanush about the machinations of Milota - with the Wolflin has a feud. Hanush will be delighted.

- Pull off together with the loot: Of course Wolflin hears that better. In return, you have to adjust to the fact that Hanush is more restrained with his enthusiasm. But at least nobody had to die.

- A duel call: Wolflin will agree and hopefully defeat him. But then you have no rest, because his men don’t just accept the death of the baron and attack you as well. Here it either means fight or run. Although Hanush has asked not to shed blood, he will also be pleased with this outcome.

If you return to your own camp, speak to Bernard at the exit. You can also talk to Hans, who, no matter what option of you surprised and enthusiastic and would like to toast with wine soon.

If you don’t have enough speech and charisma values, or you're just out for blood, you can also make Bernard attack and attack the bandits. You trigger this route by leading the squad to the bandit camp. Then you get the task to kill Baron Wolflin of Kamberg. We do not recommend this route, because a bug can prevent you from getting ahead. If Wolflin is dead, he is sometimes not considered dead, so you cannot speak with Hans or Bernard after the fight and so you won’t able to complete this quest.

Before you report back to Hanush, you should definitely create a new save. Because here often an annoying and quite game-destroying bug sets in. Namely, the quest is known to destroy all saves that are created after the report to Mr. Hanush. Say, you will not be able to load the game where you last saved it. If you notice, open the save you created before speaking to Hanush. All older save levels are not affected. Complete the quest only when a fix to this issue has been released. If nothing happens and you are one of the lucky ones, where the bug does not occur, you will receive a Magdeburg Cuirass Armor from Hanush. This completes the quest Robber Baron.