Besmirched Walkthrough, Find Silver Cross KC Deliverance

In Kingdom Comes Deliverance, you'll receive the quest Besmirched from the innkeeper Andrew, whom you already know from the side quest Masquerade with Fritz and Matthew. His Inn located in north between Ledetchko and Neuhof. Talk to him after the masquerade and he will ask you to get back his stolen goods. In order to know what has been lost, you must find the Adem in Rattay.

The quest marker is not really helpful here, because it covers all of Rattay. You should visit the inn in the east gate during the day, because that's where you'll find Adam. He is the man you are looking for. Before you can also ask the beggars in the slum. They will tell you where Adam is hanging around.

Ask him about the robbery and he will tell you about a sooty face and also about a cross that is very important to him.

Now, go back to Andrew and tell him about the cross. He will tell you that someone from Rovna has tried to sell the silver cross but he has refused it. If you have appropriate speech level, then you can persuade Andrew to find out a little more about the offer. He will tell you that you have to look for the charcoal-burner Tonchek.

Besmirched Walkthrough, Find Silver Cross, KC Deliverance

Go to the quest marker B and speak to the charcoal burner in the camp. Some of them can intimidate or convince you, but they all know little. But if you talk to Tonchek, he will try to talk himself out. If you manage to persuade him, Tonchek will give you some of the stolen items, which he carries with him.

On the other hand, if you challenge him to a fistfight, he will tell you the hideout of the remaining loot. But with the knowledge of this guide, you can confidently avoid the fistfight, have the plump stock exchange and then go to the location of the loot. To recover the treasure, you must move north from the hut where you meet Tonchek until you see a fallen tree. At its roots, you’ll find the stolen goods. However, the cross of Adam is not there.

Find the Silver Cross and Complete the Besmirched Quest

Andrew is a little lying baron, for he bought the cross from Tonchek. You now have the opportunity to steal it from his cellar, but you must have high level in the castle cracking to open up heavy locks. The chest is in the basement, in which you have presented your costume before Andrew, Fritz and Matthew.

If you want to get to the cross faster, you can just buy it from Andrew and it costs you 150 groschen. Important: if you want to deliver the cross to Adam, you have to get this before you give the loot - no matter to whom. After that there is no possibility anymore to hand over the cross. If you have it, you can solve the quest in two ways:

- Loot Andrew: Andrew will reward you with 575 groschens. But make sure that Adam will not see anything of his part anymore.

- Give Loot to Adam: Adam will be very grateful to you (especially if you still have the cross with you). He wants to reward you, but you can decide if you accept the 200 groschen or not.