Controls, Start Sailing, Change Skins Guide: Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an online action adventure game from the developer Rare. The game takes gamers to a Caribbean driven world made up entirely of sea and islands, where you can play pirate and treasure hunt. However, it's not as easy as the game looks like. Besides, the game doesn't give you much guidance and support. Therefore, we have compiled some useful tips that will help you get the most out of SoT.

First, let’s take a look at the controls in the game. As soon as you launch the game you should take a look at the controls in the options. Here you will learn how to reload (on the PC with R and the Xbox with Y). If you are in contact with other pirates on the high seas, Y (PC) or D-Pad (Xbox) is your most important key. This will open the Emote circle menu. From here you can dance, sleep or wave.

You see your active quests either on the PC with E or RB on the Xbox one. Before you see your tasks or treasure maps here, you must first have them selected at the table. If you want to equip your shovels, lanterns and instruments, you need to access the item's circle menu - with Q on the PC and LB on the console.

To select an item, hover over it or press the stick in the direction and release the keys. You don’t have to click or select them again separately. Press Tab to view your reputation in Sea of Thieves' three factions. On the Xbox you open this with the menu button.

How to Start and Sail the Ship

Left and right of the steering wheel you can easily change the position of your sail with the lines. Many players leave the sail in the standard position and do without speed.

Start Sailing, Ship Wheel, Sea of Thieves

Check the flag and determine which direction the wind is coming from. If you sail north and the wind blows to the northeast, you should position the sail accordingly to make the most of the wind. This tip can be a lifesaver if you need to flee or make a quick turn.

Turn the Ship with the Anchor

You can operate the anchor behind the wheel and normally you need it to stop your ship. But there is another very practical application: the fast turn!

For example, if the wind is blowing to the west, you should align your sail accordingly. Now all you have to do is raise the anchor and your ship will turn at lightning speed.

Align Steering Wheel Correctly

As a captain you will spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Therefore, you should also know all the peculiarities. The most important rule: if you leave the wheel, you must center it in advance. If you don’t, you will notice it at the latest when the ship deviates from the course.

The central position of the steering wheel can be recognized by the golden ring on one of the handles. If this grip is right in front of you, the ship is centered. Incidentally, this is also symbolized acoustically by a click.

Lift Sail / Stop the Ship

The sail in front of you is very big and blocks your view of the open sea. That's why you have to rely on your crew as captain. If no one helps you with the orientation, you can raise the sail slightly to expand your view slightly.

If you want to stop the ship, first raise the sail and then clear the anchor. If the anchor is still down while the sails are extended, you risk breaking the ship. Only drive the sail a little bit up if you want to slow down. It's worth it, for example, if you want to get close to an island.

The anchor is your friend. If it is down, you can still steer. So you align the ship a little in the state, so you have the tail at a certain point.

With the anchor you can also "drift". Especially in combat with other players, this method is useful. However, we recommend that you only use it if you have at least three crewmembers. Because more people who let the anchor go up, also ensure that he does it faster. If you are in the middle of a fight, quickly lower it (with the sails below), pull the directional pad fully to the right or left, and then immediately turn the anchor up again. So you put down a nice drift and quickly changed direction or sides. Try it out and practice it, so you do not do anything wrong in an emergency!

Swim Faster in SoT

If you're ashore and need to get back to the ship, it can take some time. But thanks to an exploit you can build up a tremendous speed and quickly bridge the sea route.

For this you have to draw your sword and get into the water. Charge a sword attack and then let go. The following animation of the character then catapults you forward, if you have done it right.

Counting Steps

In the quest for treasure, you will need to count steps to determine the position where you need to use your shovel. If you try to move your character step by step that can often go wrong.

Instead, you should get your compass out, hold down the left mouse button, and push forward. Your character will now slowly go forward and you can easily count the steps by the step noise.

Understand Factions, Quests and Reputation

Each outpost has several NPCs that you can interact with. Either they sell you skins or they give you missions. The latter belong to fractions. With them, you must increase the reputation to get better quests and more gold. In addition, you unlock great skins with them.

Gold Collector (Solving puzzles and digging up treasures (gold collector voyages)

You have to solve puzzles or simply travel to the place on a treasure map. Dig up the treasure or solve the puzzle to get different chests and then sell them to the gold collector. But you can find treasure maps without the NPC - for example as a bottle post. Watch for a sparkle on the beach.

Soul North (Finding Skulls, Defeating Skeletal Teams, Finding Bounty Skulls and Bounty Bosses, Dismounting Forts (Order of the Sea Order))

On these voyages you chase after skeletons and fight through forts. The number of enemies adapts to the number of players in your crew, but keeps on increasing. If you have defeated a boss, you either get a key to a room full of treasures, or a skull appears that you can sell dearly.

Merchant Alliance (Deliver items to outposts, catch and deliver animals)

In some of these quests you have to cover many nautical miles. It's a good idea to accept the quests and pick up the animals you need on the islands on your way to the outpost. You can get cages from the Trade Union NPC or find them at outposts in the water. On islands you can even discover boxes with animals in them.

Don’t forget to give the merchants money to improve them. If you rise in prestige, you get new titles and if you have such a new title, you can give money to the NPCs. For this you unlock rare items.

If you want to cancel a mission and completely delete it from your quests, offer it on the table. Then break it down so it gets cleared. On the contrary, missions are not lost when you close the game.

Turn Off the Lights

When the sun goes down, all the pirates are on guard, because at night you can easily see other pirate ships in the distance. This is due to the lamps, which are mounted everywhere. Many players don’t turn them off and underestimate the effects of this light source.

So always turn off the lights to stay undetected and take advantage of the negligence of other players to attack in ambush.

Dealing with Skeletons

If you are dealing with skeletons on small islands, then just stand in the deep water and attack from there. The skeletons cannot go far into the water and will eventually stop. This is your chance! Approach them slowly and then attack.

In the skeletal forts you will encounter even stronger opponents. There are different types. You recognize them by their condition or clothing. Skeletons with blue headscarves you meet them at Bounty Bosses. These are normal enemies that you can easily defeat by blocking and then attacking. Then there are two other enemy types:

- Golden Skeletons: You recognize them by golden bones. Common to metal, they rust when they come in contact with water. Accordingly, you should lure these enemies in the water or shed with a bucket full of water. Then they stop and you can cover them with damage.

- Shadow skeletons with glowing blue eyes: These skeletons don’t like light! So, when you shine your lantern at the skeletons with their glowing eyes, they are not that strong and cannot take more damage. If you play with others, one should light one and the other shoot at them.

Change Skins, Weapons or Your Pirates

If you buy skins for weapons, instruments or your ship, they will not be equipped automatically. Look for a box before loading the NPC you bought the items from. Here you equip your purchased (or pre-order) content. These boxes are also available on your ship.

In addition, you can only carry two weapons at the same time. In front of the NPC, who sells you weapon skins, you will find a gun cabinet on the outside wall of the house. For example, here you can choose your two weapons.