Defeat Enemies, Controls, Potions Effects in Vermintide 2

Here are some useful tips for getting started with Warhammer Vermintide 2. In this guide, we show you how to deal with the enemy hordes, the control system and the effects of potions.

How to Skip prologue: Some players who owns pre-order or beta version of the game have complained about a problem with the Prolog mission. It opens at every launch of Vermintide 2. If you want to skip it, just press F2 twice and confirm with Esc.

You can play the Vermintide 2 with friends, strangers or bots. If you decide to go for real players, then communication is very important here. Without communication and teamwork you will not survive long in this game.

Don’t hurry your teammates, but look closely at each level. There are not only collectibles like books, which we will discuss later, but also secret passages and abbreviations.

Play with bots in the team, remember that you can level them. With that you also manage difficult levels. If you mark objects or enemies, you can command them.

Run over the hordes, find yourself an area that has tunnels or a few passages. Then you can control where the enemies are coming from. You will not be overrun on all sides. If you play with this tactic, the tank of the group that also has the most shield should monitor the passageways. Make sure that no team member jumps in front of the tank as it is not effective and the tank is used completely useless.

Defeat Enemies, Controls, Potions Effects, Vermintide 2

If you have little health and play with a good team, you should get killed instead of using a health potion. When a team member revives you and you use the potion, your health is refilled.

Battle tips for the enemy hordes

Blocking is an important action that you should use frequently in Vermintide 2. But do not forget to dodge! In many situations, a well timed Dodge is worth much more. Press spacebar and select the direction. You can also withdraw with S. Especially when individual opponents hit you, the dodge is perfect.

- Direct head shots will reach your goal faster. So aim on the head to do more damage.

- There are different types of enemies. One of the most annoying enemy types are the priests. You recognize them by the green mist around them. In addition, you will see scary whispers. They summon opponents but have little health. Kill them first.

- Memorize the useful shortcut keys, hotkeys. Important is T for marking. This marks your opponent, but also objects - and the best thing: Everything you mark is then visible to other players.

- With your shield, you can make attacks. You do that by pressing the Block and Attack buttons at the same time. Keep your fingers on both buttons for a bit longer so that your hero makes another extra attack.

Your special skill is important and can change the fight significantly. With F, you use it and hold down its tab. The bar automatically recharges after the time; but this time can be accelerated with potions.

Another bar will be displayed if you have fire spells or firearms (dwarf). If you press R, the button to reload, the bar is full faster. But be careful not to reload until you're in a gray area. In red areas health will be deducted with this tactic.

Use potions and books properly

In total, there are three special potions in Vermintide 2. They bring you different effects. It's important that you quickly understand what each potion does to you.

Speed Portion (Blue) - You make attacks faster and move faster. You can pull arrows out of the quiver faster and shoot them down.

Strength Potions (Yellow) - You are dealing a lot more damage. In addition, you immediately break through shields and armor. The damage of all weapons is increased - also bombs benefit from it.

Concentration Potions (Purple) - Your special skill / ability will be charged faster.

In addition to the potions, there are also grimoires and tomes. The former are cursed spellbooks that will not only reduce one third of your health from each of you, but everyone in the team. For this reason, you should definitely talk to the team or discuss whether you accept them. In the end, they increase your experience, but at what price? Because in addition to bandages you can no longer take other potions. And once you take a grimoire out of your inventory, it's instantly gone.

Unlike the tomes. Although they block a slot, but only the healing slot for first aid boxes. If you still want to use such a potion, just drop the tomes, drink and take the item again. If you collect many of them, you'll increase the rewards you get at the end of a fight.