Far Cry 5: Open, Crack Locked Safes and Doors

In Far Cry 5, you’ll find hidden safes with valuable items such as money or silver bars. These safes are locked and you cannot open them easily. Since some users don’t know how to open a safe or even through a locked door, there is a need for tips.

The easiest way to open a locked safe is to have a Locksmith perk or repair welding torch in your inventory, with them you can repair vehicles and open a safe.

The welding torch is an advantage (ability) that you can unlock on the tab " Benefits " in the menu, this costs you 5 perk points.

Once you have a locked safe in front of you Press L1 to get into the weapon wheel , then you need to press R1 and select the torch from the tool wheel .

But there are also doors which are locked, some of them you can crack. There is also an advantage which you can unlock. The ability "Locksmith" costs you 6 perk points.

Far Cry 5, Crack Locked Safes

Advantage Points - Where can I get the points?

The best way to get more perk points for your benefits are the Prepper Stashes, there you will always find several bonus issues that give you perk points. But you also earn perk points for other activities.