Far Cry 5 Unlock and Play Co-op, Multiplayer Modes Guide

As many of you may already know that in Far Cry 5, there is no cross play function and you need a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription. You also have to complete the tutorial or have freed the first small island. Only then the co-op and multiplayer modes work.

If you want to start the co-op mode and play the FC5 with your friends, you have several options:

- Campaign in co-op: After starting Far Cry 5, you can invite friends to the main menu. Press the displayed party button (for example: options on Xbox One and touchpad button on PS 4) and select Invite Player. You can now just click on "Continue". You are then in the host's game world and continue playing the campaign.

- Starting a co-op session in the game: You can even get friends on board if you've already started the campaign. Here the co-op mode works similar to Ghost Recon - Wildlands. Open the menu and select the "Online" tab. Here you see three pictures, of which you forward the right to the invitation - you can already play in co-op.

- Arcade and multiplayer: From the main menu of Far Cry 5 you can choose the arcade. There are also co-op missions or multiplayer matches. Here you have to create a party with friends again before you can play in co-op.

Far Cry 5, Unlock, Play Co-op, Multiplayer Modes Guide

How does the co-op mode work?

Here, you have to make some compromises if you want to play in co-op. For example, all players need a version of the game, and not all progress is saved to your own campaign when you help a friend.

Here are the most important information about the co-op mode:

- You can play the whole campaign in pairs, but the progress is only saved for the player who started the game and started the party.

- If a friend comes into your world, he keeps money, weapons, advantage points and items, but he has to repeat the missions later in his game. The progress is therefore only partially transferable.

- In the menu there is the option "Friendly Fire". If you turn this on, you might accidentally blow your co-op partner with a C4 charge ... so be careful.

- As a guest in a co-op game, you cannot hire soldiers. This is only allowed to the host. The specialists also select the one who started the campaign.

- All trophies and achievements will also be awarded to the host only.