Find and Beat Kraken Octopus in Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is a sea monster that you’ll encounter in the Sea of Thieves video game. This giant octopus attacks you at any time of the day. However, it seems that he is increasingly appearing after Order of Souls mission. As part of this, you will receive a series of quests, during which you must lift skeleton forts. In addition, this sea monster seems to appear often when at least two ships cross each other.

Some players also claim that the Stronghold Chest, which is the rarest chest you can find only on fortresses, increases the chance of a sea monster attack.

Defeat Kraken / Octopus

Right now, it is only possible to scare away the sea monster. If the it takes too much damage, it disappears and retreats for the next attack. The fight against the sea monster takes place in several stages. Every encounter gets more and more difficult. In the first phase, the monster will only scare you. After that, it will destroy your ship.

According to the development studio behind Sea of Thieves, Rare, the final phase of the fight with the Kraken is said to be more difficult where you have to destroy all tentacles to reveal the body that you have to deal with again.

However, we haven't seen his body yet. If you swim under your ship, you will simply die if you have enough depth - but you will not see any octopus.

Beat Kraken, Octopus, Sea of Thieves

Boss Battle and Reward

Before the octopus gets into its tentacles, the water beneath you suddenly turns black. In addition, your ship instantly loses speed and will not move. Then the different tentacles appear. They are able to suck in players and smudge them with a kind of ink. The soaked players will not die as a result of this attack.

If your crew member has been caught by the tentacle, you have about 20 seconds to shoot him. If you have dealt enough damage, the Kraken releases your buddy. Shoot the tentacles with the sniper rifle to make them disappear. If a tentacle wraps around your ship, you should attack with a sword. But don’t go too close, otherwise you could be harmed.

The tentacles can break holes in your ship, so you should go below deck and check it out more often. In later encounters, your ship is also tipped over by the octopus and then goes under. But you don’t have to suffer a digital death.

In combat you should use more weapons than cannonballs. If you run out of bullets and you later encounter other enemies, you have a problem. Remember to always stock up your supplies like wooden boards, bullets etc.

So far, it is still unclear what the reward for the fight with the Kraken is exactly. There should be a special tattoo for your character if you beat the boss. But where you can unlock that is not clear yet. This reward is only available if you really defeat the boss in the end and not scare it away.