Find Pious, Needle in a Haystack Guide: KC Deliverance

A Needle in a Haystack is one of the main quests that you’ll find in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can unlock this quest after you have taken care of Karl and Manfred and got access to the monastery. As you enter the monastery, make sure to put all your inventory items to one of your chests. Otherwise, you may encounter a bug that marked all your inventory stuff as stolen. But once you enter in the monastery, the search for the Pious begins.

Here, you have the opportunity to kill all monks in the monastery but whether that is actually the best way, we may strongly doubt. So we propose a way for you, which also leads to the desired result, but doesn’t involve killings. But if you want to spare yourself the long-winded everyday life of a monk and not ask all the novices, there is nevertheless a quick way.

In the monastery, you’ll meet novice Antonius, who offers you to make a tour of the monastery, so that Henry gets to know all his duties and doesn’t forget the orientation. Do you want to go through the whole process? Well, In order to solve the quest faster, you can just skip the lead by skipping your skills? selects. Antony will try to convince you, but you can safely omit them.

As soon as he leaves, Antonius speaks again and chooses the following dialog options. Otherwise you cannot convict Pious:

- Tell him about your search for Pious.
- Tell him that you plan to find and kill Pious.
- In the following, you have the opportunity to persuade Antonius not to reveal anything. It does not matter if you do it or not.

If you have not figured it out yet, here is a spoiler: Antonius is the wanted Pious, so now he knows about your search and your supposed intention.

Get poisoned - It's part of your plan!

Don’t mind if you neglect your daily tasks because you only receive a warning. At noon - a quest update will appear - for lunch with the monks. You can either let the time go by or you can wander through the monastery for a while.

Now follows a cutscene, in which comes out that you were poisoned. You return to the dorm, and in front of you is an angry Antony, who in panic tried to poison you. He will now propose to you to make common cause with you and you should absolutely agree here, otherwise you can not take Pious alive.

Get Blood and Keys or Lockpick

Now you have to plan the escape together with Pious and get two items. But first you should recover from the poison by lying down in one of the beds and sleeping until just before midnight. Take also the marigold infusion. The errands should then make you necessarily at night, so that no one caught you.

Find Pious, Needle in a Haystack, Guide, KC Deliverance

It will be very dark and Henry has no torch in the inventory. So if you don’t want to run constantly against walls and furniture, you can screw around the graphics and make everything a little brighter.

Then head back to the dining room and enter the back room of the kitchen. Don’t get caught, because you really should not stop here. On the left table is now either the blood or a piece of paper. If you only find the note, interact with it, and you automatically order the goat skin stuffed with blood. So wait until the next evening. Then the order should be available and you can take it.

From the back room you can enter directly into the pantry. Go through it to a second door, sneak into the room behind it and go back to a shelf on which the key is located. It is really dark, but it is there. The key is quite hidden, so move back and forth in front of the shelf until you have the chance to pick it up.

If you don’t find the key, you can get the lockpick. You only need it if you don’t have the key! There are two ways to get to a lockpick:

- Either, you ask Brother Cellarius. He will get you a lockpick, but you have to steal food from the kitchen.
- Easier you get to one by looking at the altar. Here is a lockpick behind the left wing of the triptych.

If you have everything together, you have to go back to Pious and plan your escape. Pious or Antonius is probably to be found in the monastery garden. You agree with him a meeting in the Dormitory after the evening Mass.

When you approach Pious at the meeting place, you must follow him outside. Now you have the choice: Do you let Pious escape or do you want to arrest him? We have chosen the rightful way and arrest him. For this you have to win a short boxing match against Pious, before another cutscene follows and Pious aka Antony tells the Vogt. As a reward you will receive 300 groschen. You can visit Pious in his cell afterwards. He is not very happy about your visit...

However, you can also Kill Pious, whether before entering the monastery or after the escape - the Vogt will not be too enthusiastic. You decide what destiny Pious should receive.