Find Skalitz Mines Entrance, Exit, Ending: KC Deliverance

The King's Silver is a side quest that you’ll get from Tobias Feyfar in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD). He will send you to inspect the Skalitz mines to find out when work can start again and if people are using silver. But where is the entrance to Skalitz mines and how do you get a good ending in The King's Silver side quest?

Don’t confuse this side quest with the All That Glitters quest. Again, you have to talk to Feyfar and then into the mines, but in this case, it's not about silver. So speak to Feyfar and say that Sir Radzig has sent you. He expresses his concern that someone steals the king's silver from the Skalitz mines. So Henry has to clarify that.

Mines - Correct Order

Feyfar gives you the following tasks that you should go through them all. There you can expect some fighting, so get ready and drink savior schnapps in between:

- Examine the yard on which the ore is processed: The yard is overrun by bandits and you should think twice about whether you are looking for the fight. You can also run in, sprint to the mark and flee immediately.

- Examine the water system: Again, a few bandits are around, but not so many. Take care of them and then inspect the marked place. You can ignore the chests here. It contains just tools and coal.

- Search the special tunnel: The entrance is actually directly below the quest marker. Convince the guard there with your speech, which must be better than 0/0/9 and already you are allowed into it.

Before you enter the mines, you should visit again the miner's camp to the southwest to meet Nemoy. Again, you may encounter a bug here. Some workers may attack you, at least only in a fist fight. He seems to be quite a lazy and almost sleeps throughout.

He is dressed in yellow, has a mustache and you just have to spend some time in the camp, then he is awake at some point. Ask him about the local events and find a peaceful solution, then you can either give him a few bucks or you let him go. His fate changes with no answer.

In addition, you can address the woman present in the camp and collect more information. After the incident in the mines you will return to her and decide if you let her run or drag her to Rattay as a witness.

Find Skalitz Mines, Entrance, Exit, Good Ending, KC Deliverance

Enter and Exit the Skalitz Mines 

Have you worked through all the tasks, then you can now go to the mines. Equip a torch and follow the long corridor straight until you reach a ladder. Climb it up and continue straight ahead. Until the cutscene.

The sequence triggers automatically and no matter what you say, your next goal will be to escape from the mines. In the meantime, you will be attacked and, by a bug, a murder on your part may count as a misdeed of innocents, so you must answer to guards and your reputation suffers. So try to escape the mines without killing anyone. The fastest way out looks like this:

- There is a tunnel entrance in the water, which you should take, because otherwise you don’t come out of the water.

- Out of the water, you come to an intersection. Turn left, follow the passage and then climb up the ladder that appears in front of you.

- Finally, at the top, you go through the corridor directly in front of you, until a turn on the left appears, which you take again.

- At some point you will come to an intersection with two paths right in front of you. Again, take only the left path.

- Keep to the left on the following path as well, then break out into the open and leave the mines.

In short, if you always keep your left, you will sooner or later reach the exit. Then return to Rattay and speak with Master Feyfar. This often leads to more bugs in the conversation. Thus Henry reports partly that Nemoy was able to flee, even though he is actually dead. But this does not make a difference to quitting: You can ask Feyfar one way or the other, and even double it, if you have the appropriate speech level (3/15/4). You will only get the reward if you have examined the other markers!