Fix Beard and Not Loading errors, Lags in Sea of Thieves

If the Sea of Thieves (SoT) does not load properly or error codes such as KiwiBeard or LavenderBeard pop up. Then we'll show you what you can do to fix these problems.

If you are a PC user and having issues with running SoT, then before you proceed with our guide make sure that your PC meets the following system requirements. Also, download and install the latest driver for your video card so that you can eliminate most common errors.

SoT Minimum Requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Q9450 (2.6 GHz), AMD Phenom II X6 (3.3 GHz) or similar
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, AMD Radeon 7750 or similar as well as DirectX 11 support

The developers have given some Error Codes. This also helps to identify and fix most problems more quickly.

KiwiBeard : If you get this error message, this can have several causes: Either the servers are temporarily down, then it is time to wait; It will also appear if you are logged in to your console with more than one account. In this case you should unsubscribe with the unused accounts.

CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard: In this case, no connection could be made to the game. Here, a simple restart of the game usually helps. Close the application and restart it.

Fix Beard Errors, Not Starting, Lags, Sea of Thieves
AshBeard: This error occurs if you are not signed in to Xbox Live.

AvocadoBeard: The same applies if you don’t have Xbox Live Gold access. Without this you can’t start the game.

AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard and CyanBeard: In most cases, your connection to Xbox Live or the Internet has been disconnected here. Check the connection and reboot.

Beigebeard and CoffeeBeard: Make sure that your game client is up-to-date.

DaffodilBeard and LapisBeard: Here you can’t do much, because if you get this error code, then it's up to the developers to fix it with a patch.

FluffyBeard : This error occurs if the servers are down.

LavenderBeard : It's either due to proxy servers or your anti-virus program. Put SoT on the exceptions list to prevent it from being blocked by the firewall.

GrayBeard and FishBeard: If there are matchmaking issues, this code will pop up. There is no official solution, but it is being worked on. Try a solo adventure as long as possible.

LazyBeard: The name speaks for itself: you have been inactive for too so start a new session and play.

Fix SoT Does Not Start / Load, Crash and Black or Gray Screen

If SoT does not start, then you will not be able to see the above error codes. Often it comes to the PC crashes during the launch. First try reinstalling the Xbox Insider Hub and then start SoT again.

If you get a gray or black screen, then wait for a Windows update. This should fix the problem soon. On the other hand, if your operating system is up to date, there are other ways to launch the game:

- In many cases, it helped to log in to Windows 10 with a local Microsoft account.

- Support also has the following path: Open the Windows 10 Store, go to your profile picture on the top right and make sure that you are logged in with only one account, the one you used to buy SoT. Now download any free app from the Store and then launch SoT from the Windows 10 Store Library page.