Get Procopius Relic, Urban, Saintly Remains, KC Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, to the quest Saintly Remains triggers when you visit Sebastian vom Berg on the side mission In God’s Hand to give him supplies from the ribs.

In front of the Sebastian’s house in the northeast of the monastery you will find the guard Urban, who is not allowed to enter the monastery, but nevertheless wants to touch a relic / remains of the Saint Procopius who is buried and laid to rest in the catacomb at Sasau monastery. So you need to help Urban accomplish his goal.

Find Saint Procopius’ Remains Location

Near the excavation site, you will find the entrance to the catacomb. Go through the first two arches, then turn left and go down the ladder to the scene of the accident (to see the blood on the floor). Now take the right passage and follow the cave. A wooden cross with a few candles and a nondescript wooden bowl in front of you. This bowl you can take with you and give it to Urban.

Now the quest updates and you can get better remains. For example, you get it from the charlatan in Sasau, who sells you a bone for a few groschen. If you rejoice in this Urban, here you must have high speech values. Otherwise, the quest fails.

Procopius Remains, Urban, KC Deliverance

You can also just bring him the bowl. Without rhetoric, Urban believes that it is a relic and wants to give you a few groschen to thank you for accepting or rejecting. Either way, it is important that you bring the bowl back! Otherwise, Urban can get angry later and kill him here can lead to complications in the main story!

The only problem is when a bug occurs and you won’t be able to take the relic back to its place. Here it is either advisable to wait for a patch or postpone or ignore the quest. No matter what you choose, don’t kill Urban!