Get Procopius Tooth Cat's Paw Topping Branch: KC Deliverance

Miracles While You Wait is one of the many side quests that you’ll get in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). You’ll receive this from Charlatan and to become his apprentice you have to find and get the following materials for him.

- Procopius' Tooth
- A Topping Out Branch
- A Cat's Paw
- Dead Man's Shroud

Procopius' Tooth: Here, you have different ways to get this tooth from the farmer Procopius.

First get to the Procopius. You can find him in the vicinity of the monastery, not far from the tavern where Matthew and Fritz hang out. Talk to his aching tooth and convince him either with sufficient rhetoric that he should let it go ... or give your medical expertise - if you have the skill First Aid II unlocked. Either way, you must accompany him to the blacksmith so that the tooth is pulled. Attention, on the way Procopius will want to go back several times. Then talk to him and stop him.

Easier comes when Procopius simply involved in a fistfight. You can win this fight quickly and as soon as he lies unconscious in front of you, you can pull his tooth.

If you return to the charlatan with the tooth, he will give you five associations.

A Topping Out Branch: To get this item, you first have to know what a topping out branch is. This is placed in the gable of a roof. For this, you have to visit the still under construction monastery in Sasau and climb the scaffolding to the top. Once you reached the top ladder, look at a kind of impeller. Turn almost 180 ° to the right and you will see the decorated branch.

As in the fight against Witch or other annoying opponents, the solution here is surprisingly simple: Instead of desperately trying to get to the small beam in front of the tree, just pull your bow and shoot an arrow on the tree. It cracks a branch that falls to the ground and then you can collect it, as soon as you are back down.

Return to the charlatan, who is either waiting for you at the market or already enjoying a cold beer in the tavern. As a thank you, he will reward you with a potion.

Cat's Paw: Usually it is said that you should have a rabbit's foot for luck. Not the Farkle player the charlatan is after. This swears on a cat's paw, which he has steadily. You can usually find the player in the tavern of Sasau , very self-confident.

- Again, you have different options to get to the talisman. You should raise your fist against him only in the most extreme emergency, because then you have a bit of a bounty on you again.

- Play for the talisman. Here you go with a bet of 100 groschen at the start.

- If you don’t want to gamble, you can also persuade or intimidate him, you have to exceed the values of 11/14/8 in the rhetoric.

- Are you from the particularly lazy and also still rich variety, you can just give the player 150 groschen and buy him the paw of the dead kitty.

The charlatan will be delighted, and you are one richer, a trinity cube, to be exact. If you own three of these marked dice, the next dice game becomes easy for you.

Dead Man's Shroud: If you have given all the above items in any order to the charlatan, he will ask you for another favor. This time, the matter is a little more scary, because it requires you to get the shroud of the honorable citizen Loukota, who has recently passed away.

Hid dead body can be found in the small church that you already had to visit if you were on the Quest Restless Spirit quest. The chapel is located southwest of Sasau and if you enter it, you have to take care, because it is a private area. The corpse is right of you in the chapel room. Wait until night to tug the robe off his cold body, or wait until no one is in the room.

If the guards are still attentive or catch you completely, then you only need enough rhetoric or a few groschen to deal with them. Then you can relax back to the charlatan. However, he does not want to make the transfer in front of everyone, so you should wait for him at his house, which is in the west of Sasau.

Once there, the transfer is just taking place, then an angry mob is already appearing, who is not happy about the machinations of the charlatan. So while this is making its way through the window, you have to calm down the mob. After all, this is not difficult, because the rhetoric of the angry mob is trumped quite quickly with 0/0/11. But with the rebellious answer you should hold back. This only spurs on the mob and you have to beat yourself.

Once done, you can look around the charlatan's house with a clear conscience. There is an open chest that sometimes contains the alchemist I dream book, and yet another chest with a light lock but does not hold a promising loot.

There is also a bug in this quest: there is a third chest that spawns directly on the second chest and thus appears invisible. But you recognize that you can pick another lock when you stand in front of the box.