Give, Receive Collect Stickers quickly in The Sims Mobile

In The Sims Mobile, you have the chance to interact with players such as going to parties or give and receive stickers. In this guide, we show you, what exactly this is about and why you should not neglect the stickers.

In The Sims Mobile, stickers are there to change the appearance of other Sims. You get daily new stickers that you can give to Sims. There are three different stickers that are varied frequently - this includes, for example, cool or sporty stickers

Stickers can only be given to Sims created by other players. These Sims can be recognized easily as a blue plumbobs appear above their heads. So go to town and look for a Sim who wants to give a sticker.

If you find one, just hit this Sim. In addition to the interaction options, your stickers will appear in the lower left corner. That way, you'll also get stickers when other players rate your Sim.

Get Stickers Quickly

The best way to get stickers is to go to parties. Click on the link if you want to know how to attend a party. At a party you will find numerous players. This is the chance to give and receive stickers.

Give, Receive, Collect Stickers Quickly, The Sims Mobile

Before you go to a party, you should check which stickers can currently be assigned. For example, if you have a sporty sticker, you should dress accordingly to increase your chances of getting such stickers.

Send as many of your Sims as possible to celebrate to collect as many stickers as possible. How many stickers you have been given, you will always learn the next day when you start the game for the first time.

Now only one question remains: What are the stickers good for? Quite simply: stickers pave the way to fashion jewels, which you can exchange for great clothes in Izzy's Fashion Shop.

First of all, you often find a task in your daily tasks that says you have to give a certain number of stickers. So you can easily pick up a few fashion jewels every day, because the giving of stickers is not really rocket science.

There is also a weekly sticker contest. This means for you: Collect as many stickers as possible within a week. The more you collect, the more fashion jewels you get. After a week is over, you will receive a message that shows you clearly how many stickers your Sims have collected and how many fashion jewels are available for you.