Organize, Start and End Party in The Sims Mobile

In The Sims Mobile, you can arrange and host parties and earn some great rewards. However, the party option is not available from the beginning.

To organize or start parties, you have to reach at least level 6. Then you have to proceed as follows to start a party:

- Touch the tab on the right side of the screen.

- Then select the balloon icon to enter the party menu.

- Click on Weekly Party and you're ready to go!

You have the choice between various party themes. Some special themes, such as a birthday or wedding party, you can only select if the appropriate events have occurred in the last week.

As you continue to rise in the level, you will unlock new themes over time. When choosing the party you will also be shown directly what rewards you can expect.

Organize, Start, End Part, The Sims Mobile

Improve party and interact with others

Once you start a party, a bar pops up to measure the party's success. All party participants must ensure that the bar fills up to receive better rewards.

This happens when interactions take place at the party. For this you have to equip your party appropriately. Tap on the Build / Buy icon and then buy party decorations that fit your motto.

Party interactions cost party energy. When you start a party, you get 10 party energy. When the energy runs out, but you want to party further, you have to eat a piece of party cake that costs 25 SimCash.

A party lasts 24 hours. You can pick up your reward in the party menu as soon as the party is over.

End the party - is that possible?

Many players are concerned with this question: Can you end parties prematurely? Unfortunately, that is not possible!

This can be quite annoying because as mentioned earlier, a party lasts for 24 hours. Therefore, always think carefully about whether you really want to throw a party and make the most of it, because you can only have a party once a week.

Visit party

Just as other players can attend your party, you can also go to other parties. You can also find this function in the party menu. Unlike your own parties, you as a guest can leave a party and return later. You can also visit maximum of two parties a day.