Heal Sick Villagers in Merhojed KC Deliverance

As you progress through the Kingdom Come Deliverance, you’ll bump into a village called Merhojed, where Henry has to interrogate a prisoner. However, a mysterious plague seeks the village home. So Henry should find out what it is and heal the sick.

First, you should have completed the Mightier Than The Sword quest, because Henry need to acquire the reading ability. When you have arrived in Merhojed, first talk to Melichar, he’ll give you a permission to talk to the bandit if you cure the plague.

You will be asked to investigate the plague and travel to Sasau. But before you leave, you should definitely visit the patients' houses and do examinations and interviews. In total, there are five houses with white crosses on the front door, which you must enter. Here again, there are minor side quests waiting for you, which are optional, but worthwhile.

- Dig Grave: The husband of Bedrishka did not make it and died of the mysterious plague. She asks you to dig the grave and bury him. In return, she tells you the symptoms. If you want to dig up the grave here, do it immediately. If you travel to Sasau, this task is considered failed.

- Testament: Vincent is sure of his destiny and wants you to write down his last will and give it to Father Fabian in Sasau. It is important that his son Elias does not inherit a penny! You can also take care of this task relaxed after the quest. You even have the opportunity to end the family feud.

If you visited all the houses, then you know all the symptoms. So on to Sasau to Johanka in the monastery. You probably already know it from the quest In God's Hand. She will tell you that Brother Nicodemus is a disease expert. He is also in the sickbay and is usually next to the alchemy table.

Important! If you don’t have the following ingredients in your inventory, buy from him 2x Thistle, 1x Charcoal and 1x Nettle. If he has no charcoal, you can find some at the blacksmith in the south of Sausau. After the following conversation, Nicodemus then sets off for Merhojed and does not sell you anything anymore.

Describes the situation in Merhojed, tells him that virtually the entire village is affected and the animals are also infested. He will now give you the assignment - assuming you can read - to look for the disease in a particular book. The book - the Brevarium de Signis Causis - can be found on a lectern behind Nicodemus. So you do not even have to leave the room. Because of the symptoms, you come to the realization that the water is poisoned in Merhojed.

Now ask Nicodemus where to start and then you should absolutely say that you are brewing the remedy yourself! Otherwise, Nicodemus will take too long and some villagers will die. But since you have already bought the ingredients from him, you can immediately risk alchemy.

Brew Remedies Without Making Mistakes

This is certainly not the first time you are at the alchemy table, because you have already brewed one or two savior schnapps due to the storage location in KCD. The recipe for the remedy is a bit more elaborate and requires good timing.

- Go to the alchemy table, open your inventory and place the ingredients 2x Thistle, 1x Charcoal and 1x Nettle on the shelf.

- Fill the kettle with water. This is the yellow vessel on the left.

- Take the thistle the first time and put it directly into the cauldron. Then take a second portion from the bag and put it immediately into the water.

- Now you have to bring the mixture to a boil by activating the bellows about four times. You recognize the cooking on the rising bubbles in the kettle.

- Let the mixture boil for about two hourglass turns. If it stops bubbling, simply press the bellows again in between.

Brew Remedy, KC Deliverance
- Add a handful of Nettle at the end of the second hourglass and bring the mixture to a boil once more.

- Let it simmer for an hourglass and then cool it down.

- The mixture is considered cooled when the fire goes out from under the kettle.

- Only then select the charcoal. Henry then puts it automatically into the pot.

- Now you can select the vial below left and scoop the potion straight out of the kettle.

- Although you have brewed just one serving, it will last for the entire village. So don’t need to go to the alchemy table several times.

Follow the steps exactly, because even if you did too much wrong you will see that you have brewed the cure for Merhojed. On the other hand, if you are sure that everything went right, then you can travel to Merhojed and visit Brother Nicodemus.

Heal the Plague and Complete the Quest

Nicodemus is most likely in the house of Straw, whose wife is also dying. Nicodemus will now instruct you to treat five people with the cure. It simply rattles off the homes of the sick and treat Straw's wife, although Nicodemus says he cares about her.

You cannot treat the sick bandits until you've talked to Melichar. He will now give you access to the cell. Give the bandit a dose of the remedy and just wait a few hours, then he is approachable.

After a brief conversation, the angry straw appears, seeking revenge for the death of his son. If you want to spare the life of the bandit, choose here the option that you want to talk about it. Straw's oratory is virtually absent and so you can convince him simply.

Now you only have to wait a few days. Complete some other side missions. When all the villagers have recovered, you can return to Merhojed and speak to Melichar, who will reward you with 125 groschen. You also get a few skill boosts.