Language Barrier Walkthrough: KC Deliverance

Language Barrier is a quest that you’ll encounter in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In this quest, you have to find a translator for a Cuman and also you get a chance to pick a treasure.

To get this quest you must not use the fast trip and you head east from Sasau towards Ledetchko. On the river bank, there is a mill where you can ask the miller about work.

In fact, he has work for you, because he and his assistants have captured a Cuman who almost drowned in the river. Undecided what they should do with him, Henry has the choice of what to do with the Cuman.

Find Translator

Even before you start looking for the translator who cusses in Hungarian, you can already talk to the Cuman in advance. He will beg you to free him. If you want to complete the quest now, you can take him to Rattay and the thing is through. But then you don’t learn anything about his sweetheart.

So you better go and meet the NPC, dressed in green, on the river bank. He will assure you that he can help you if you pay him a few groschen. Negotiate the low and then start the return journey. Choose the journey together and speak to him once you have arrived. This is followed by the interrogation and with it a few possibilities.

- Whether you are going to free or beat the Cuman, the answer is the same.

- You believe the translator’s every word: With this you are led from the Cuman to the apparent hiding place. In fact, an ambush awaits you. Take care of the Cuman and then seek out the fugitive nearby, which will then lead you to his treasure.

- After the interrogation, ask the translator once again : He will try to talk himself out, but if you have rhetoric of 7/0/5, he will tell you that it is an ambush.

- You can now ask the Cuman to lead you to the treasure he will actually do. Once you reach there, you can release him, send him to Rattay or kill him on the spot. The choice is yours. A little tip: If you send him to Rattay, you will receive an additional 100 groschen.

The following picture shows you the exact location of the treasure.

Language Barrier Walkthrough, Treasure Location Map, KCD, KC Deliverance

In it you will find 200 groschen and an antidote. You can now return to the miller and give half as promised or you convince him with the values 7/4/13 that you have found nothing. Either way, the quest is considered complete.