Make Gold, Sell Chests, Skulls and Animals: Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves (SoT), you can make more gold by collecting treasure chests or similar loot and exchange them for gold.

In the game, you’ll find different types of chests that bring you different amounts of gold from the merchants and you’ll get more gold for the rare chests.

When you are travelling across the crystal blue sea, you should look out for bird swarms. If a group of seagulls circles over a certain place, a shipwreck may be hidden below the surface of the water. In shipwrecks you will find chests. However, you may also encounter hungry sharks here.

In general, you’ll find many treasures underwater such as chests or skulls. Often you only see a small, sparkling light from the distance that points you to the reward. The handheld telescope proves to be extremely useful here.

If you have found a chest, you have to dig it out with a shovel if it is under the ground. If you dig with several players, it's much faster. A pirate of your gang grabs the chest and brings it to the ship.
In case if you die while dragging the chest, it will float on the water some time after your death. Your friends can still recover the treasure before the chest disappears. With the chests you go to the next outpost and sell them to one of the three factions: Gold Hoarders, The Merchant Alliance and Order of Souls.

The following list shows you all the chests in SoT.

For the Castaway's Chest you'll get about 100 gold

For the Seafarer's Chest you'll get about 200 gold

For the Marauder's Chest you'll get about 400 gold

For the Captain's Chest you'll get about 1000 gold

For the Chest of a Thousand Grogs you'll get about 1200 gold

For the Chest of Sorrow you'll get about 1500 gold

For the Stronghold Chest you'll get about 2000 gold

Chests, Sea of Thieves

The amount of gold can vary slightly for each chest. For example, the castaway's chest will give you between 80 and 120 gold. In addition, all crew members receive the full yield from the sales.

Helpful Tip: You can hide the chests on your ship so that potential predators do not get to your prey so fast. You should also turn off the lights below deck. Try hiding the chest under or in front of the ship's steering wheel. Even under stairs they are hardly noticeable.

Find and Sell Bounty Skulls

If you want to find a Bounty Skull, then you have to complete a bounty quests. Your targets can be skeleton captains or skeleton teams. You have to kill the captains to drop one of the following five skulls: Foul Skulls, Disgraced Skulls, Hateful Skulls, Villainous Skulls and Fort Skulls.

Which skull you receive depends on the quest and the target. The Skeleton Fort skulls you get - as the name already suggests - only in forts that you can discover by accident.

Tip: Like the chests, you must hide the skulls on the ship before you hand them over to the Order of the Souls at the next outpost.

Catch and Sell Animals in SoT

If you want to earn more gold, you can catch animals and hand them over to the Merchant Alliance. Most of them will meet you on islands where you only have to lock them up in a cage. You can calm down the scared chickens, pigs or snakes with music. Just try it!

While chickens and pigs will not attack you, snakes will immediately go on the offensive as you approach. You can control this aggressiveness with music.

If you want to catch chickens, you need a chicken coop. Incidentally, you should not store this under deck, as the animals can drown in the water.

You can catch and sell the following animals in SoT: Chicken, pigs and snakes.

Different species of these animals are usually sought. For example, there are white, red or striped chickens. These are different rare and provide you with predetermined amounts of gold.

In addition to these creatures, there are other animals such as bats that reside in caves, fish or parrots that you cannot interact with. Other creatures like sharks or the mighty octopus are dangerous and can be killed.